2 Cops Under Fire for Slamming Man to the Ground. But Dashcam Footage Shows What Everyone’s Missing

Over the past week, two police officers came under fire for a video that was taken by a bystander of a routine traffic stop.

The footage showed the officers from Lenexa restraining the suspect in what some people call an aggressive manner.

Warning explicit language:

In the video, bystander John Sherman even goes as far to say the police officers are going to fu**** kill the suspect, now identified as 30-year-old John Harrison.

While Sherman’s video of the incident has gone viral, the 30-second clip he recorded on his iPad only reveals part of the story.

Fox 4 reported on how other footage – from the officers’ body cams and a patrol car dashcam – shows what everyone is missing:

When Lenexa officers pulled that driver over for a routine seatbelt violation, they found he had numerous warrants for his arrest. A random bystander recorded the ensuing struggle, and his video clip on Facebook is getting some strong reactions.

A routine traffic stop grew into a fight when Lenexa police officers stopped 30-year-old John Harrison on Thursday. Officers didn’t anticipate Harrison trying to punch one of them, as is seen in police dash camera and body camera images.

As the evidence shows, it appears the two cops acted appropriately. As for Harrison, he’s facing an assault charge for taking a swing at an officer.

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