Accfly Dash Cam – A Budget Dash Cam to Consider

Accfly are not a very well-known brand at all. However, they are known for producing a wide range of budget level dash cams, along with other audio and video products.

If you are planning on buying a dash cam then you might be a little wary of buying a brand that doesn’t have much of a reputation. Although it is a budget model, nobody likes to waste money. This is why we have decided to take a thorough look at the Accfly dash cam to see what it has to offer. Take a look at our review below to see if it performs well.


  • 1080P Full HD Front Camera
  • 720P HD Rear Camera
  • 140 Degree Front Camera
  • 120 Degree Rear Camera
  • Auto Reverse Visualisation
  • Picture In Picture
  • 7” LCD Screen
  • Clear Night Vision
  • Loop Recording


  • Front camera produces a crystal clear image.
  • Number plates are easy to read.
  • Feels very well built.
  • Good length cable connecting the front and rear cameras.


  • The microphone doesn’t pick up sounds very well.
  • The rear camera isn’t great.

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The Design

The overall design of the Accfly dash cam is great. It features a stylish modern design that feels really well put together. Considering it is a low-end device, we were a little concerned that it might feel plastic and cheap, but this really isn’t the case, it feels solid and durable.

The installation and mounting process was very easy indeed. The front camera sits neatly behind the rear view mirror so that it doesn’t obstruct the view at all. When hooking up the cameras we were pleased to find out that the length of the cable is more than adequate, but it doesn’t leave the wires trailing in the way.

The control buttons on this dash cam are laid out very clearly and are incredibly simple to use, allowing you to access all of the settings with no problem at all. Overall, we feel that this is a really good quality piece of kit, especially when you keep the price in mind.

The Recording Quality

When it comes to the recording quality, the results vary. However, this is what we expected given that it is a low end model. The front camera is actually quite impressive. The 1080P resolution provides a crystal clear image in all light levels.

The front camera also captures number plates very clearly which is easily seen when footage is played back on a laptop or PC. When it comes to getting the best image quality from the front camera, it is important to adjust the angle properly so that you can get the best view. This will ensure a good level of clarity.

The rear camera, whilst acceptable, is not a patch on the front camera. The angle doesn’t cover enough and the quality of the recording is definitely not as good as the front camera either. The microphone is the one feature that really lets the recording quality down. We found that it struggled to pick up noises, even those that were close to the car.

Having said all of that, we were more than happy with the quality of the front camera. It is important to note that it is a bit of a trial and error process to get the angle just right if you want to make sure that you are getting the best recording quality possible.

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The Extra Features

For such a low priced model, we were actually really impressed with the amount of extra features that the Accfly dash cam has to offer. To start with, there is the motion detection feature which you rarely get with a low end device.

This will automatically start the recording feature as soon as movement or shock is detected outside of your vehicle which is essential if you park on the road overnight. The picture in picture feature, whilst a nice addition, is not really necessary. However, it is a good extra if you want to be able to view both cameras at the same time.

Finally, there is the auto reverse visualisation feature. We really like this extra feature because it makes reversing far safer. You are able to fully view everything behind you so that you don’t end up scratching or otherwise damaging your car.

The Conclusion

As you can imagine with a budget dash cam, the Accfly is not without its flaws. There are some design issues that could definitely be improved upon. However, the quality of the footage captured by the front camera is excellent and the dash cam is packed with helpful extra features. For the very small price tag attached, we can’t recommend this dash cam highly enough to those who want a low end model that does the job.

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