Best Of UK’s Dashboard Camera Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit

Blackvue DR500GW Excellent High-End CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Transcend DrivePro 200 Excellent Mid-Range CHECK LATEST PRICE!

BlackVue DR750LW Excellent High-End CHECK LATEST PRICE!

E-Prance 0805 Very Good Mid-Range CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Nextbase 402G Professional Excellent High-End CHECK LATEST PRICE!

There are many in car cameras available in the UK market, from your basic E-Prance to a more sophisticated BlackVue DR750LW, from front facing only to front & rear facing dash cams. Any dash cam reviewed on this site will be worth buying, I will not review (for good or bad) any cams which I would not consider purchasing myself. Choosing the right camera for your dashboard will come down blackvue dashcam write upto three main criteria;

1) Budget – what you can afford or justify
2) Requirement – what you essentially need
3) Desire – what you would like, and would be nice to have but do not necessarily need.


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What Is The Best In Car Dashboard Camera In The UK?

The Top Rated Dash Cams Of 2017 – 2018.

The top rated cam (at the time of writing this) is the Mio MiVue 538 Delux which is a great little device and does what it says! According to the Amazon reviews, there is very little to fault this nifty little cam. This is not the cheapest, but priced at £134.00 it certainly isn’t the most expensive.

Not only a good quality camera, but the MiVue 538 also acts as a speed detection device alerting you when you are in the vicinity of speed cameras which makes this particular model excel!


UK Best Dash Cam


Find more information about the MiVue 538 here.



While the features give the dash cam a purpose, the quality of build is what will make it last the test of time. The quality of build why your dash cam is reliable and why you don’t need to worry if its working or not, you just know without any doubts! This is true piece of mind!



Second Best Dash Cam By Customer Reviews.

TaoTronics dash cam review
A Close second is the TT-CD04 by TAO. A compact and clever little dash cam with less features than the MiVue 538, but if you are looking for a decent dash cam and aren’t too worried about the features like speed camera detection then the CD04 is a very good dash cam. The image quality is very good and it is a very easy to use cam. Small and discreet, it is another favourite with the Brits! Read more about it here.


Check The Reviews Buy The Tao Tronics TT-CD04 From Amazon Today!


Third Top Dash Cam.





The HYT-G1W dash cam is another cam which is underrated and little know in the market but is a very good build.

It boasts all the features you would use and none of the ones you would rarely or never use. With a high resolution 1080p video recording and features like the G-Sensor, motion detecting, night time recording and loop recording, for a basic unit – this is definitely the one!

With a purchase price of £34.18 at the time of writing this, you cannot go wrong as far as budget dash cams go with the G1W! Check it out on Amazon here!




Dash Cams Are Growing Fast In The UK.

The UK has always been a safe place to drive… all things considered and we as Brits have generally never felt any threat or fear whilst driving. In fact, many of us have seen driving as a leisurely activity and drive to relax and unwind. Stressed? Why not take a drive?! Is what we said and still do say but now we add “make sure you have your dash cam with you!”.

Dash cams are more common and are more wide spread in places like Siberia, Russia. The UK is starting to see the rise of dash cams as covered here.

Not only have dash cams caught many driving disasters on video but also airborne disasters! This article on the BBC website shows an amazing footage of a meteorite being captured on a dash cam and this article shows the TransAsia flight crashing through the bridge before landing in a river in Taiwan.

Heres another video of one captured in New Zealand.

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