Top Dawg Eagle Eye Dash Cam – Do They Live Up To Their Name?

Top Dawg are a Texas based company who were actually one of the first manufacturers to offer a full range of DVR dash cams. They have been operating since 2012 and have a solid reputation for manufacturing high-quality, high-performance dash cams, along with other consumer electronics.

They have a range of dash cams on offer, but the one that we have decided to test and review is the Top Dawg Eagle Eye Dash Cam. When we did some research we saw plenty of positive feedback, but wanted to see the results for ourselves. Please take a look at our review below to see how it performs and decide whether it is a dash cam that might benefit you.


  • 1440P HD Recording
  • 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • 2” TFT LCD Screen
  • G Sensor
  • Motion Detection
  • Loop Recording


  • Very discreet design.
  • High quality recording.
  • Easy installation process.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • The screen is quite small.

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The Design

The first thing that we really liked about this dash cam is how unique it is. It is a completely different shape and style to the usual dash cam, but it doesn’t make the device stand out too much as it is still entirely possible to mount it so that it is really discreet. If you don’t want the camera to be seen by other road users then this is a definite contender.

The only thing that we feel could be improved upon is the screen. It is a little too small for our liking, but this may just be personal preference. If it was increased to 3” then it would be absolutely perfect, but it wouldn’t be as discreet.

The Recording Quality

What we were very impressed with is the recording quality that comes with the Top Dawg Eagle Eye. At 1440P HD, we were actually really surprised by the sheer amount of detail that the camera picks up, especially given how small the device is.

It doesn’t struggle in the slightest to pick up number plates in great detail and even in dark lighting you are still able to clearly make out the numbers and letters. We tested it in numerous light conditions and it performed really well in all of them. The built in microphone also performed well and didn’t struggle to pick up sounds at all volumes and even noises that were further away. Overall, we were quite impressed especially because of how small this dash cam is.

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The Extra Features

The built in G sensor is very powerful indeed. It picks up the slightest change in braking and automatically starts recording if it detects shocks or impact. We would like to point out that if you are planning on using the dash cam for long distance journeys then you are probably better off adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor because it is highly sensitive at the default settings.

The motion detection feature is highly effective and we would definitely recommend using it if you are parking your car overnight as it can help to catch and deter thieves. There is also a really helpful loop recording feature that will ensure that all unimportant footage gets overwritten.

The Conclusion

Although there are some definite plus points that come with the Top Dawg Eagle Eye, we feel that for the price tag that comes with it, it would certainly benefit from having some more features built in. The more high end devices tend to have a lot more features than the ones on this device. However, the recording quality is fantastic and the features that it does have are highly effective. The extra price that you will pay is to be expected with a brand that is as reputable as Top Dawg.

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