Nextbase 101 Dash Cam Review

If you are looking for something to protect you from the increasing number of scams fraud and hit and run crooks on the road today then look no further than the Nextbase 101 dashboard camera this high definition camcorder will be sure to capture any scheming criminal in the act and red-handed so you never have to worry about being caught out in a road incident or compensation fraud ever again.

Nextbase In Car Dash Cam Camera DVR Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder 101

Dashboard cameras are really the only true way to put your mind at ease when driving on busy roads or in city traffic where often you can be just moments away from getting into a small collision or large. Whether it be in the car park or at a roundabout Nextbase 101 high-definition cameras will record the incident so you have proof on your tablet smartphone or PC at hand to protect you if a court case dispute or prosecution follows.  used in police cars ambulances and all sorts of other Highway peacekeeping organisations dashboard cameras at the easiest way to ensure your safety when out on the busy roads.

Nextbase In Car Dash Cam Camera DVR Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder 101

The Nextbase 101 Dash Cam (CHECK PRICE!) is perfect for providing you with instant video footage while on the roads and maintaining a high level of recording quality so you are certainly going to fail to miss an event involving or occurring around your beloved vehicle.

  • This product features excellent 720p HD recording with 120-degree Ultra-wide viewing angle to record every detail outside of your vehicle whether moving or parked.
  • Bright, clear 2 inches LED screen for easy viewing so you can operate your dashboard camera from the cockpit of your vehicle easily and quickly so you can get back to driving safely on your journey.Nextbase In Car Dash Cam Camera DVR Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder 101 Review
  • This Product features a smart G-Sensor (G-force) which immediately saves important incident video files to ensure they are not overwritten.
  • Easy to install with included 12v power cable suitable for any car or van

Includes a window mount so you can easily install it in your car with no fuss or distraction once on your journey.

This Product once again proves that Nextbase could possibly be the best brand for high quality yet inexpensive dashboard cameras on the market today. With 720p high definition recording and the clean LED screen this would make a very worthy product for any family household with multiple cars or vehicle owners on a budget who want to keep themselves protected.

Features: 720p High Definition Recording – 120 Degree Wide angle – 2 Inch LED Screen

Pricing: Affordable



It is no longer your word against theirs in any dispute when you have the Nextbase 101 dashboard camera at hand to provide evidence in any dispute following a collision or incident involving your vehicle. Much like the other products in Nextbase’s extensive range of high-quality dashboard cameras,  you can be sure that driving will be significantly less stressful even at the busiest of times as you know you have evidence against anyone who tries to scam you out of your hard and money on the roads.

The award-winning Nextbase camera makes it easier than ever to install and operate a dash cam anytime your engine is turned on. The Bright LED  screen makes it easy to operate at an arm’s length whilst driving without putting yourself or anyone else in danger for it takes one tap to organise each of the functions on the Nextbase 101 dash cam.  Overall, a highly recommended product from a renowned brand of dashboard cameras.


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