Nextbase 312GW – A Great Mid-Range Model

In terms of dash cam technology, Nextbase is probably one of the biggest brand names in the country. With some of the most popular dash cam models on the market right now, Nextbase has built a solid reputation for manufacturing products that help to keep drivers safe as well as allow drivers to improve their skills.

They currently have a wide range of cameras on the market at different price ranges, but the one that we wanted to test out is the 312GW. We decided to put this dash cam through its paces so that we could give you an honest, unbiased opinion of how it performs. Please read on below for our Nextbase 312GW review.


6 Element Glass Lens – Full 1080P HD Recording – 140 Degree Recording Angle – Wi-Fi Enabled – GPS Enabled – G Sensor – Night Vision – Auto Loop Recording


  • Solid design made from durable materials.
  • Impressive 6 element glass lens.
  • Very clear night vision recording.
  • Full 1080P HD recording.


  • The 140 degree recording angle is a little restrictive.
  • The Wi-Fi feature is a little on the slow side.

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The Overall Design of the Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam

The Nextbase 312GW operates in landscape mode which is fairly standard for most mid-range to high end dash cams on the market at the moment. The overall design of this dash cam is actually really impressive. When taking a good look around the exterior, we could instantly tell that the camera itself has been made from really high quality, durable materials.

The design itself feels sleek and modern; it has been really well made. When it comes to the lens of the camera itself, the 312GW boasts a 6 element glass lens which not only improves the recording quality of the camera but also helps to protect the lens from damage during driving. In terms of user-friendliness, the 312GW is actually fairly impressive.

The only issue that we had is placing the camera in the right place on the windscreen so that it doesn’t obstruct view, but so that we were able to access all of the buttons at the same time. It takes a little trial and error but it is possible to place it on the windscreen using the suction mount where it won’t be in the way and you are still able to access the controls.

Using the Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam

The original set up process of the Nextbase 312GW was incredibly simple. Upon starting up the device, you will be able to view the date, time and the menu options. Because of the built in GPS feature the date and time will already be set for you, so you don’t have to waste any time doing that. By using the buttons on either side of the LCD screen, you can access all of the different features of the dash cam.

We found navigating the menu and looking through all of the different features really easy. The LCD screen is clear, bright, and very easy to see. The buttons themselves are not obtrusive but are big enough for even the clumsiest person to use with ease. Mounting the dash cam couldn’t be simpler; you just need to use the provided suction mount. We placed ours just behind the rear view mirror, but you might need to adjust the positioning depending on the car that you have. Overall, we were really pleased with the usability of the 312GW.

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The Recording Quality of the Nextbase 312GW

This is where the Nextbase 312GW really impressed us. We were expecting the quality of the recording to be good due to the 1080P Full HD resolution and the 6 element glass lens, but we were incredibly impressed by the quality of the footage during playback.

One thing that really surprised us was the quality of the footage that we recorded at night. This dash cam does have a built in night vision feature, but a lot of cameras do and fail to deliver on the results. This definitely wasn’t the case with the Nextbase 312GW. We could read number plates with no problem at all, even those that were further away.

The only thing that we think could be improved is the recording angle. At only 140 degrees, it can be a little restrictive. If this was expanded a little we feel that the camera in general would be greatly improved. However, what the camera lacks in viewing angle it more than makes up for in other ways.

In terms of sound, the built in microphone picks up relatively well. Given that the 312GW is only a mid-range model we weren’t really expecting too much in terms of sound quality, but this camera actually surprised us with the quality of the sound that it did pick up. It seemed to struggle a little with noises that were slightly further away, but in general, the recording quality is good.

The Extra Features of the Nextbase 312GW

In terms of extra features, there are a couple that are worth noting with this dash cam. First of all, there is the built in GPS feature. This allows you to view Google Maps which can be very useful for traveling long distances. The other good thing about this is that you are able to pinpoint on the map exactly where an incident has occurred which could be particularly useful for insurance claims.

As well as this, there is the built in Wi-Fi function. This is good in some ways because it allows you to do multiple things such as share your footage. However, we did find that the speeds were a little on the slow side, so this feature might prove to be more of a frustration than anything else. However, it is a nice extra feature to have.

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The Conclusion

Overall, we were definitely impressed with the Nextbase 312GW. The camera itself is solid and not likely to break easily, the recording quality is exceptional and it has some nice extra features. As we would expect with a mid-range model, there are some minor issues that could be improved upon, but in general, this is a really nice dash cam that performs well.

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