Nextbase 412GW – A Fantastic Dash Cam from a Highly Reputable Brand

When looking for a dash cam for your car, the one brand that you are going to come across quite frequently is Nextbase. Having been manufacturing dash cam technology for many years, they are one of the most reputable brands in the country and have an extensive range of models to choose from.

Obviously, if you are looking for a high-end dash cam then you are prepared to pay a little more than the average but you want to make sure that you are getting good value for your money. One of the dash cams that definitely fits the bill is the Nextbase 412GW. Having reviewed and been impressed by the previous model, the 312GW, we were eager to see how this one performs. Please read on below for our Nextbase 412GW review.


Full 1440P Quad HD Recording – 30 Frames per Second – 140 Degree Recording Angle – Wide Dynamic Range – GPS Location and Speed Tagging Enabled – Wi-Fi Enabled – Click and Go Mount


  • Incredible recording quality.
  • Wide dynamic range feature.
  • GPS speed and location tagging.
  • Touch buttons for ease of use.


  • Slightly bulky in comparison to some of the other models.
  • Could do with some extra features.

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The Overall Design of the Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam

One of the things that we really liked about the previous model, the 312GW, is the shape and style of the design. We have to say that whilst this one still has a very nice design, it does feel a little bulky in comparison, especially with the rounded edges.

However, that aside, the design is very nice indeed. Just from touch alone you can definitely tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design and that high quality materials that are built to last have been used to create the outer casing. There are definitely a few notable differences between this one and the previous model.

First of all, as we have already mentioned, the shape is a little different but not dissimilar. The main difference that you will notice with the design is that the buttons that were present on the previous model have now been replaced with touch sensitive buttons. Overall, we definitely think that this is a nice design improvement. It makes the dash cam feel far sleeker and is actually a lot nicer to use.

The click and go mount that is provided with the Nextbase 412GW is a nice additional accessory. One thing that you will notice is that the magnet on the mount is actually quite strong, so you will have to be careful when you are mounting the device to your windscreen. Other than that, the overall design is definitely impressive.

Using the Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam

Ok first of all, let’s talk about the set up as this is one of the things that impressed us with the 312GW. Again, thanks to the built in GPS feature, the date and time should already be set up so there is nothing for you to do other than switch on the device.

Once we had done that, we were ready to take a look through the menus and settings. One of the things that we really liked with the 412GW is the addition of touch sensitive buttons rather than actual buttons. We were originally a little concerned that perhaps the sensitivity would be a little low, making the menu hard to navigate but this really wasn’t the case. The sensitivity is just right and makes scrolling through the different settings a pleasant experience.

In terms of the user friendliness of the camera itself, it is actually really simple to use. Playback is easily accessible and changing the different settings via the menu is not a difficult thing to do. Overall, we were really pleased with our experience of using the Nextbase 412GW dash cam.

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The Recording Quality of the Nextbase 412GW

Without a doubt, this is the best part of the Nextbase 412GW dash cam. With the previous model, we had a 1080P full HD resolution which performed really well. This model, however, comes with a very impressive resolution of 1440P Quad HD which excels.

We tested the camera during all kinds of weather and all levels of light and not once did it struggle to pick up images with the ultimate clarity. Number plates were clearly visible, as was everything else down to the tiniest detail. We were very impressed; the clarity is perfect during playback too.

The one issue that we still have is that the recording angle is still a little on the restricted side. We had hoped that this would have been expanded with the 412GW, but unfortunately it is still set at 140 degrees. It isn’t a huge issue as the camera doesn’t struggle to pick up anything within this field of view, but it could definitely be better.

Fortunately, much like the previous model, the 412GW doesn’t struggle at all when picking up sounds thanks to the built in microphone. Everything could be heard perfectly with little to no distortion, even for noises that were quite far away.

The Extra Features of the Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam

In terms of extra features, there isn’t really much difference between this one and the previous model. The one that we like the most is the GPS feature. With this, you are able to not only tag your location but also your speed. This can be great for insurance purposes. Obviously, if you are prone to speeding then you won’t want to tag your speed.

The Wi-Fi speeds still seem to be a little on the slow side, but have been slightly improved from the previous model. You also get the click and go mount to make it easier to take your dash cam inside once you have reached your destination. There could perhaps be a few more features included, but we were still impressed.

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The Conclusion

Overall, we were highly impressed with the Nextbase 412GW dash cam. We did pick up on some of the same issues that we had with the previous model, but given the incredibly impressive resolution that comes with the 412GW, we really cannot complain. It performs very well for the money that you can expect to spend and is definitely worth it if you are looking for a high end device.

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