Nextbase Dash Cam 512g Review

A Dash Cam is becoming an important addition to any modern vehicle. More scams and busier roads mean people are more and more wary of getting into accidents, being victims of fraud or hit-and-runs. They understand that with a high-definition dashboard camera they can capture the incident on film and use it as evidence in prosecution in dispute or for their insurers.

Nextbase 512GW 1440p QUAD HD In-Car Dash Camera

There are important features to consider when looking for the perfect dashboard camera, and one of the most important questions to ask is, will it obscure the driver’s view or distract the driver at the wheel?

With the compact and slimline design like the Nextbase Dashcam and brightness adjust on the LED screen for night times, you know you are not going have an issue with this concern.

Something else that is significant in most of the more advanced and popular Dashboard Cameras is the built-in Wifi, meaning you can send videos immediately to phones, or other devices. This product also features much more exciting and cutting-edge features that will leave you satisfied that no-one will get away with trying to defraud you.

So as not to give it all away, we’ll get right onto breaking down the Nextbase Dash Cam 512.

Nextbase 512GW 1440p QUAD HD In-Car Dash Camera

You know you are looking for an up to date product when the dash cam features the advanced 6 lens feature.The Nextbase Dash Cam (CHECK PRICE!) displays this aspect so eloquently so that you can make sure the whole incident is captured in the clear clean-cut image to get every little detail for your insurer or lawyer etc.

  • This product has an excellent and unique G-Sensor for recording, which is enabled as soon as any sudden braking, impact, rapid acceleration or sharp corner turning occurs. The g-sensor essentially detect G-Force so you can be sure any significant impact will be recorded.
  • WDR functions that effectively eliminate glare and included is a dimming brightness feature for easy driving even over long hours or distances.
  • This DashCam supports motion detection, parking monitoring to help you squeeze into tight spots or to give you that extra vision when reversing so as not to prang the back of your car or scratch another, again saving you money.Nextbase 512GW 1440p QUAD HD In-Car Dash Camera Review
  • Recording at 1440p QUAD HD the 512GW provides unbeatable image quality, and a vast array of features The Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam has been called the ‘ultimate Dash Cam experience.’
  • On the front of the 512GW, the 6-layer glass lens are covered by a special anti-glare polarising filter whether off of sun, snow, glass or water. By dramatically reducing glare Nextbase have been able to almost eliminate reflections in the camera’s recordings.
  • Due to the recently upgraded Sony Exmor R Sensor, the quality of the image is crystal clear, giving a true colour HD display that is visually impressive enough to be a travel cam as opposed to a dashboard camera. ‘This new sensor is exclusive to Nextbase Dash Cams.’
  • As with other high-end Nextbase models, the 512GW means that the device has inbuilt Wifi. This means that you can send the videos straight to your smartphone or tablet to view and share the footage.
  • The features also include Mount, 4m long 12v Cigarette Socket Car Power Cable, and easy to read Instructions.

This ultra-handy device provides the perfect alibi for any unexpected event collision or crash.  It will show you where you were and who was around you in a crystal clear high-quality image so it will leave no doubt as to who was in right or wrong when it comes to the courtroom.

Features: 6 Layer Glass Lens – Built-in Wifi – 1440pp QUAD High Definition
Pricing: High End


At first glance at some of the images that this camera produces you would not think it spends Its time sitting on the dash but rather in a professional photographers cache of top travel cameras. It’s 1040 pp ultra high-definition recording gives the impression that you could easily take this on holiday with you and snap some Instagram worthy shots.  this great camera will come in very handy when using it as a dashboard camera, however,  as it will leave you satisfied that any recording will be crystal clear when showing it to lawyers insurers when settling any dispute if an incident should occur.  there is certainly not going to be any further imaging and blurring with the Nextbase cameras level of Quad HD.

When looking at all it’s features lined up it’s easy to see why this might cost you more than your average dashboard camera. With it, you’ll get the most advanced 6 glass lens technology and the latest Sony Exmor R Sensor to ensure you are always recording a high-quality image that will play events out exactly as they were.


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