Why Dashcams Are Important

Do I Need A Dash Cam?

In recent years, it is apparent to anyone living within the 21st century that technology has come a long way. The days from having an individual device to make a phone call, take a photo, listen to music, play games and even use a map to take you to your desired destination is long gone. All these uses can be found in one piece of technology. A phone.

UK Best Dash CamTechnology for use on the roads has gone one step further in allowing us to record the happenings on the road with a dash cam. A dash cam is an inexpensive piece of technology that allows someone to record the road and vehicle in front and behind of them whilst driving. Most commonly, dash cams are placed on the dashboard of a car, or on top of a riders helmet. How they tend to work is the dash cam will constantly record whilst the vehicle is in motion. If the driver has an accident, the dash cam is able to record this accident in real time serving as evidence to either police or insurance claim companies. Prices in dash cams vary from starting with a basic recording device that just continuously records, to dash cams that are able to take HD videos and has gps to locate where the car is at the time of an accident.

Focusing On Traffic

The main focus of dash cams is that it will easily allow police and insurance companies to establish fault in the event of a road traffic accident. This allows for a less time consuming and cheaper investigation in regards to accidents. This prevents fraudsters who will commit a ‘cash for crash’ scam. This is where the driver will purposely cause an accident making it the innocent parties fault, so the defendant can make a claim on the insurance for injuries that more than likely have not occurred, and for damage on their vehicle.

Dash cams can be considered a deterrent to other road users if the footage on the dash cam shows upsetting footage e.g. of a serious injury or fatality. It may allow for people to consider the results of excessive speeding, mobile phone use and drug and drink driving, and therefore deter people from behaving in this particular manner.

Dash cams also have a wider audience hat extends beyond the expected of the police and insurance company. A dash can be beneficial for parents. Within recent years, ‘blackbox’ insurance haswhich is the best dash cam to buy been introduced. This is where an insurance company places a telematic device into the car that monitors certain elements of driving such as speed, time of driving, cornering and accelerating. Generally, when the driving has been good across all elements, the driver will get a discount off their insurance, therefore enabling them to have cheaper premiums. The use of a dash cam along with a black box allows for parents to review their children’s driving in real time.

Keeping You Safe

Not only can it be used for parents, but a dash cam can also be used as a learning tool, such as learner drivers. It can demonstrate different type of roads in real situations that a driving instructor can show their pupil, and how to handle it.

The idea of a dash cam thus far has many pros. However, everything does have it negatives. Social media plays an important role in everyday life. Dash cam footage has been seen on video streaming sites such as YouTube. Programmes about road rage from users dash cams have been televised. It can act as an invasion of ones privacy, filming things people might not necessarily want uploaded online, or shown on television. It makes it more of an entertainment show, as opposed to something that could be potentially serious.

The general consensus of a dash cam is that it is a good piece of kit to own. Allows for fraudulent claims to be easily recognised, saving time and money. However, as not every car is required to have one, these type of cases will be few.


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