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Aura HD1 Dash Cam, 1080p 130° Camera with Super Night View, Built-In Wi-Fi, Winter Mode When Using Aura HD1 and Aura HD3 Hard Wire Kit
  • This crystal clear, high resolution dash cam features a 1080 pixel camera with 140° viewing angle and Super Night Mode
  • Super-fast built-in Wi-Fi allows quick transfer of the footage from the dash cam to your phone; use the Aura App to take advantage of quick and easy viewing of recorded footage and to share video with your insurance company, family, and friends
  • This Dash Cam includes powerful, built-in features including G-Sensor, 24-Hour Real Parking Mode, and Winter Mode; it will alert you if the SD card stops working or requires formatting
  • Aura HD1 Dash cam comes with both Micro USB Connection and Aura HD3 comes with Type C connection
  • Documents: Please reference Installation Manual, User Manual, Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ documents, further down the product page, for your reference
Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Full 1080p/60fps HD Recording In Car DVR Camera- 140° Front- Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth- SOS Emergency Response- Night Vision- Auto Loop Records- Polarising Filter Compatible
  • 1080P AT 60FPS/720P AT 60FPS HD RECORDING AND 140° WIDE VIEWING ANGLE - The 322GW has been designed to provide high quality, detailed images of your journey on the road with the 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps F1.6 lens. The 140° wide viewing angle ensures that a wide coverage of the road ahead will be recorded for fantastic footage.
  • WIDE 2.5" HIGH RESOLUTION TOUCH SCREEN - View all your footage on the 2.5" award-winning IPS screen with upgraded picture resolution and clarity for high quality recordings. The new added touch screen feature allows you to easily select menu options and playback footage for a great user experience.
  • QUICKLINK WI-FI AND BLUETOOTH - The 322GW is the world's first Dash Cam with Bluetooth 4.2 and Quick-Link Wi-Fi to automatically sync files straight to your phone so footage can be supplied quickly to your insurer. You can also easily edit and share your footage via the MyNextbase Connect app.
  • GPS MODULE, G-SENSOR AND SOS EMERGENCY RESPONSE - The 322GW provides ultimate protection on the road. Track where an accident happened, safeguard your footage upon impact and allow the dash cam to automatically alert emergency services of your location and for help in the case of an accident.
  • INTELLIGENT PARKING MODE & CLICK&GO PRO POWERED CAR MOUNT - The intelligent parking mode informs the dash cam that your car is parked, and will immediately record any bump or physical movement of the car when left unattended. The new, exclusive car mount installs the power cable directly into the mount so that your dash cam is wireless. The integrated magnetic power connectors allow you to install and remove your dash cam easily.
Beawelle Dual Lens Car Dash Cam,1080P FHD 150 ° Wide-Angle Lens, Car DVR Dashboard Camera Recorder,Built-In GPS,G-Sensor, 2.5
  • Beawelle Dual Lens Car Dash Cam,1080P FHD 150 ° Wide-Angle Lens, Car DVR Dashboard Camera Recorder,Built-In GPS,G-Sensor, 2.5" LCD, WDR and Parking Monitor Function

Top 3 Dual Lens Dash Cams

Dual lens dash cams are the perfect accessory to have in your vehicle. In the event of an incident on the road, they capture everything which happens, which means it can be used to demonstrate who is at fault in a road traffic collision. Some insurance companies offer drivers with dash cams reduced premiums. Therefore, the initial outlay is well worth it in the long run. Dual lens dash cams are also beneficial to the police and you often see them appealing for drivers to come forward with their dash cam footage when there has been an incident on the road. Therefore, not only can dash cams protect you, but they may also benefit others.

Vantrue N2 Review – Our Number 1

Vantrue N2The Vantrue N2 Dual Lens Dash Cam 1080P is packed full of great features which ensures a safe journey and great quality recordings with each trip. We’ve reviewed the product in finer detail, so let’s have a look at what it offers.
  • The Vantrue N2 dash cam comes complete with two cams: a front cam and a rear cam. Both cams have a high quality F/2.0 6 glass lens.
  • The front cam records the road directly ahead, road signs and up to 4 lanes on the road, while the back camera records the inside of the cabin.
  • The front camera has a 170° wide viewing angle and the back has a 140° wide viewing angle. The back camera is also rotatable by up to 80°. Both cameras provide great viewing and recording angles and ensure the best view of the road as possible.
  • You never need to remember to turn the camera on to record as it automatically turns on and starts recording as soon you turn the engine of your vehicle on. There’s also no need to worry about freeing up space on the SD card as the camera has seamless loop recording, meaning it automatically overwrites the oldest recorded footage once the 32GB micro SD card has reached its maximum capacity.
  • The front dash cam features 1080P Full HD video recording and the back cam is 720P HD, meaning the best possible picture is recorded.
  • Should you not wish to record the inside of the cabin, there is an option to use the front camera only.
  • Should a crash in your vehicle occur, the Vanture N2 dash cam uses G-sensor data protection to save the recorded video file to prevent it from being overwritten by other footage or from becoming corrupted. Other pieces of recorded footage can be manually locked via the emergency button, should you feel it’s required. The G-sensor data can be conveniently viewed via the Event folder.
  • The dash cam features a parking mode which is triggered by motion detection or time lapse. The motion detection works when people or objects come close to your vehicle. The recording stops when movement ceases. Time lapse works via a series of still images which are replayed in sequence, providing you with a time-compressed video. The camera comes with an LCD screen which automatically shuts off once recording starts. This is to prevent glare and distraction. However, it is possible to turn the auto shutdown function off, if you wish to do so.
  • There is a built microphone and speaker which can be used for audio recording. This feature can be turned off it’s not required.
  • Recorded videos and images can easily be played back by connecting the camera to a TV or PC. Alternatively, they can be viewed directly from the camera.
  • The dash cam comes with an optional GPS module which requires purchasing a GPS mount. If you wish to use the GPS feature, location, direction, speed, date and time can also be captured as video clips.
  • The cams are compact in size to ensure they take up minimal room on your windscreen and to avoid being a distraction.
  • The dash cam supports SD cards up to 64GB, providing you with plenty of recording space which is beneficial for long and frequent journeys.
  • Clear images are captured on the camera due to infrared, a 6 layer lens and HDR technology based super night vision which clearly captures vehicle number plate details. An auto adjust light is also featured to ensure night time images are high quality.
  • The Vantrue N2 dash cam is compatible with 12V and 24V vehicles.
  • A 30 days money back guarantee and 18 month free replacement for quality related issues is provided when you purchase the dash cam. This is great if you’re not sure whether a dash cam is right for you and assures you that should the quality fail to meet its expectations you’ll be able to get another cam at no cost to yourself.
  The Vantrue N2 dash cam is a brilliant piece of kit which reassures drivers when on the road. It has fantastic specifications and recorded images are Vantrue N2 review top class and high quality. The option to use both cameras or just the front one allows you to be fully in control of your cam and its compact size is a bonus when wanting to discreetly display your cam and avoiding distractions. The N2 dash cam also has a great money back guarantee and replacement option which gives buyers peace of mind. Summary Features: 170° wide viewing angle – Dual 1080P front and rear – Loop recording – Event protect – Dual parking modes – Auto LCD off – Video/image playback Pricing: Mid-range    

Nextbase Review – Our Number 2

NextbaseThe Nextbase Front and Back Dual Lens In-Car DVR Dash Camera with Digital Driving Video Recorder is a high quality dash cam with some great features. Let’s have a look at them in further detail.
  • The Nextbase dual lens dash cam comes complete with a front and back camera which record simultaneously. The forward facing camera has a 140° wide angle lens and 720p recording. While, the rear facing camera has a 50 metre zoom lens which records vehicles behind you.
  • The 2.0 inch 16:9 LED screen is bright and clear, allowing for clear viewing of recordings and instant evidence which can be used in insurance claims.
  • The dual lens dash cam has a built in GPS and G sensor which records the location, speed and force information and software is included to show dual video playback in combination with GPS map and G forces.
  • The images recorded are crystal clear and high quality due to the multi-element sharp lenses which come with both cameras. Additionally, image processing is built into the cameras to further improve video quality in both bright and dark conditions.
  • Loop recording is included to ensure recording continues when the SD card is full.
  • Video footage is recorded and stored on a micro SD card with a maximum storage size of 32GB, which is slotted into the camera.
  • The Nextbase dual lens dash cam is easy to install and comes with a 4 metre 12v power cable and a window mount.
  • Recordings are played side by side, allowing easy viewing and analysis of footage.
The Nextbase Front and Back Dual Lens In-Car DVR Dash Camera with Digital Driving Video Recorder has some great features including the side Nextbase reviewby side video playback, bright and clear LED screen and the good quality angle lens, zoom and recording. However, it does lack any type of warranty, which would be beneficial for consumers. Summary Features: 720p HD recording – GPS speed and location logging – Rear facing zoom lens – Auto crash file protection – 2 inch LED screen – Night vision – 140° viewing angle Pricing: Mid-range      

Toguard Review – Our Number 3

TToguard reviewhe Toguard dual lens dash cam with front and rear recording is a budget friendly dash cam which, despite its low price, still manages to pack in a good number of features which we’ve reviewed in further detail below.
  • The Toguard dual lens dash cam provides a front camera with 1920*1080P HD recording, whereas the rear camera provides 720*480P to ensure high quality recordings day and night. The screen of the dash cam is 4 inches, making it large and easy to view videos on. The screen also has low illumination and a 2.0 large aperture lens which makes watching the video when driving easier.
  • Photos can easily be taken by pressing the ‘down’ button.
  • The dash cam has G-sensor enabled which kicks in when sudden braking, impact, rapid acceleration or sharp cornering are detected. While the WDR function eliminates any glare or dimming that may occur.
  • Motion detection and parking monitoring are also supported by the dash cam.
  • The dash cam has a 170 degree wide angle and 6 infrared filter glass lens. Additionally, a 500 mAh polymer battery is built in.
  • Videos are stored via a micro SD card with a maximum storage space of 32GB.
The Toguard dual lens dash cam with front and rear recording has some great features considering its low price. If you’re looking for a slightly lower specification dash cam then this could be the one for you. Video quality is generally good, however, it is let down by poorer quality images taken in the dark and in areas where light is restricted. Summary: Features: Large 4 inch screen – G-sensor – 170 degree wide angle – HD recording – 2.0 aperture lens – Motion detection Pricing: Affordable      


The top dual lens dash cam goes to the Vantrue N2 Dual Lens Dash Cam 1080P which is packed full of brilliant features. It’s a high quality dash cam which really takes the user and their needs into consideration, such as its compact design. It has an auto recording function, voice recording and loop recording which are great benefits and really make this dash cam stand out from its competitors. The added guarantee and 18 month replacement guarantee are nice little extras too.          

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