Best Front & Rear Dash Cams – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Thinkware Full HD Recording – 2.19MP Camera – Rear View Camera – Parking Mode – Night Vision High End CHECK LATEST PRICE!
Vantrue Dual Video – Full HD Recording – Night Vision – Parking Mode and Time Lapse – Loop Recording High-End CHECK LATEST PRICE!
Accfly Full HD Cam – Big Screen – Compact Body – Night Vision Lights with choices – G Sensor Low End CHECK LATEST PRICE!

Top 3 Front & Rear Dash Cams

You spend good money on your car, making sure that it’s working perfectly and safely, you even kit it out with the best equipment like Sat Nav’s and GPS trackers. Your car takes you from A to B, but don’t you ever think about what else it can be used for? Every journey you take could be a photoshoot, you can capture the scenic routes and landscapes all whilst worrying about nothing but driving. Dash Cams are the perfect way to capture beautiful shots of your surroundings from the comfort of your own car. Whether you use it for security or pleasure, Dash Cams provide you with peace of mind.

Thinkware F770 Dash Cam Review – Our Number 1

Thinkware F770This sleek, compact and high tech device from Thinkware proves exactly why Dash Cams are the gadgets we didn’t know we needed in our lives. The design is simple yet elegant and the quality is brilliant. Lets look closer at the features of this device

  • This Dash Cam produces High quality recording effortlessly. It has a 2.19MP camera and a 140 degree viewing angle with Full HD 1080p
  • Comes with Rear View camera option to record events occurring at the rear of your vehicle
  • Has Parking Mode using Motion and Collision detectionThinkware F770
  • Built in Super Night vision allowing up to 1000% improved visibility in low-light conditions using innovative Image Signal Processing Technology (ISP)

The Thinkware F770 Dash Cam (CHECK PRICE!) comes with high tech features, maintaining its sleek design and lightweight frame. It’s easy to use but each complex built in feature provides the driver with peace of mind that their car is safe and the footage they are capturing is of the highest quality.


Features : Full HD Recording – 2.19MP Camera – Rear View Camera – Parking Mode – Night Vision

Pricing : High End



Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam Review – Number 2

Vantrue N2 This device packs a punch, with its strong and stable body it will last you and your family a long time. Built in with many promising and high tech features, let’s take a look

  • It has Dual Video Inputs that can capture your surroundings from both the front and back of the car. The front video is Full HD 1920*1080p with 170 degree wide angle and the back video is up to 1280x720p with optional 140 degree angles
  • Built in, is Superior Night Vision features and HDR (High Dynamic Range) meaning you can capture brilliant quality footage day or night
  • Parking Modes and Time Lapse are available. Triggered by Motion Detection, which will auto record when objects or things get close to your car from 10m or 33ft away at the front
  • Loop Recording will automatically turn on and record while the car engine starts for peace of mind.Vantrue N2
  • Optional GPS can be used to check your vehicles Location, speed or route on Google Maps

The Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam provides security and peace of mind for you and your car. Capturing excellent quality video for whatever the situation, this device has your back, and your front! The Dual cams mean you can capture recordings of your surroundings from all angles.


Features : Dual Video – Full HD Recording – Night Vision – Parking Mode and Time Lapse – Loop Recording

Pricing : High End



Accfly Full HD Dash Cam Review – Number 3

Accfly Full HD This Dash Cam is incredibly compact and sleek. Smaller yes, still mighty. This cam has the highest of technology packed into its smaller frame. With a big screen and easy to set up, let’s take a look at some of its features

  • A full HD 1080p 4 inch IPS Dash Cam with a 1280*720p rear camera, including 4 LED lights, this camera will work wonders in your car
  • The camera comes with a 170 degree wide angle option and a 6 Infrared filter glass lens. Built in 500mAH polymer battery
  • A lens with 8 night vision lights, so you are able to record footage more clearly at nightAccfly Full HD
  • Includes a G Sensor Enabled recording device which starts at the first signs of any Sudden braking, Impact, Rapid Acceleration etc.

The Accfly Dash Cam may be small, but records excellent quality footage without you having to worry about anything. The small, light and sleek frame fits onto the dashboard of any car with ease. With a large screen to easily view whatever you’ve recorded and features easy to set up, this is a perfect first time Dash Cam for any driver.


Features : Full HD Cam – Big Screen – Compact Body – Night Vision Lights with choices – G Sensor

Pricing : Low End




First place has to go to The Thinkware F770 Dash Cam. A higher price but for a higher quality product. This camera manages to maintain being sleek and compact but hardwearing and durable. The images it captures are of an excellent quality and this device would make an excellent addition to any drivers Dashboard.


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