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Review of the Top 5 Mid-Range Dash Cams

Make sure you are not blamed for an accident that you are not responsible for

As all drivers know, having an accident can prove to be incredibly costly, not only in the short term, but the long term as well. You face potentially having to claim on your insurance, and then having your premiums increased as well as losing your no claims bonus.

If you want to avoid getting blamed for an accident that is not your fault, then the one thing that you can do to avoid this happening is to have a dash cam installed in your car.

What do you do when there are no witnesses to your car accident?

This is an all too common problem that drivers face. You have an accident and you know that you are not responsible for causing it. However, there is nobody around to witness the accident and it is your word against the other driver.

In this instance, it is very difficult to prove who is at fault. By having a dash cam in your car, you can make sure that you have video evidence that you can then use for insurance purposes.

Keep your no claims bonus and keep your premiums low

One of the biggest problems that you face if you have an accident is that your insurance premiums will increase if you are unable to prove that you are not at fault. Insurance is expensive enough as it is, especially for younger drivers with less experience.

By purchasing a quality dash cam, you can prove that you are not responsible for the accident and keep your premiums low. As well as this, you can protect your no claims bonus, which again, is very important.

When it comes to buying a dash cam, there are a few points that should definitely be kept in mind. First of all, it is never a good idea to simply go for the cheapest model possible. The problem with cheap dash cams is that they are often unreliable.

The last thing that you want is to have a car accident that is not your fault and then not be able to prove that this is the case because your dash cam has failed to record.

It is a much better idea to purchase from a reputable brand. This way, you are much less likely to encounter any problems when recording. The most important thing to keep in mind is that market research is absolutely essential, especially if you have never purchased or used a dash cam before.

The best way to make sure the dash cam that you are buying is suitable is to take a look at some customer reviews. These will give you an unbiased view of what to expect from any models that you are looking at.

Why should you buy a dash cam?

Record Accidents

The biggest reason for buying a dash cam is so that any accidents that occur are recorded. This not only benefits you, but it also benefits other road users who may not have one. Unfortunately, not all road users are entirely honest and will do anything that they can in order to avoid having to claim on their insurance for an accident that was their fault.

By having a dash cam in your car, you are able to make sure that any incidents are recorded and you can prove that you are not responsible.

Record Accidents When your Car is Parked

One thing that a lot of drivers don’t consider is the possibility of somebody driving into their car whilst it is parked and then driving off. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently and it is usually in the middle of the night when there are no witnesses to back up your claims.

By having a dash cam in your car, you are able to make sure that any incidents like this are recorded and can be presented to your insurance providers.

Record Potential Road Rage Incidents

Whilst the majority of drivers are responsible and can be trusted to drive safely, there are always going to be the odd few who should probably not be driving. Road rage incidents happen all of the time, and they should always be reported to the police for your safety and the safety of other road users.

However, if there are no witnesses, it can be difficult to prove that the event happened the way that you say it has. By having a dash cam in your car, you can make sure that there is video evidence of anything like this happening.

Deter Thieves

Falcon Zero F-360 HD review

Unfortunately, car thefts happen all of the time. It may just be the contents of the vehicle that gets stolen, or it could be the vehicle itself. By having a dash cam installed, you could potentially deter thieves from approaching your vehicle.

In the event that they are undeterred, you can still record any activity outside of your vehicle, making it much more likely for a prosecution once they have been caught.

As mentioned above, before you buy a dash cam, it is important that you do as much market research as possible. In order to get you started, let’s take a look at the top 5 mid-range dash cams for 2018.

#5 Mibao Dash Cam

MibaoThe great thing about this particular model is that it is one of the most affordable options on the market at the moment. Another plus is that it is very compact so it won’t take up much space on your dash board. With a modern design and a huge amount of user friendliness, it is definitely a good contender. Here are some of the features:

  • 3 inch LCD display with HD screen.
  • Features 8 different functions, including night vision, parking monitoring and loop recording.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Comes with an extra mini USB, a suction mount, a sticker mount and more.

Mibao reviewThis is a nice, compact, modern dash cam that is well built and easy to operate. It would be idea for those who haven’t used a dash cam before.

In his online review, user John M said the following:

Setting up the dash cam is quite simple and I paired it with a 16gb card. The screen is also large and this is a good thing as I don’t really like smaller screens as they are a pain to look at. The buttons are “OK” they are on the side. To be honest, I prefer buttons on the front but, it’s not too bad. Picture quality is decent and even at night, it looks clear. Overall, decent dash cam.”

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#4 SuperEye Dash Cam

SuperEyeThe SuperEye dash cam is a great mid-range option. One of the biggest pluses that comes with this model is that it comes with a built in Sony sensor. We all know that Sony is a reputable brand, so it is safe to say that this dash cam’s sensor is going to be reliable. Here are a few of the features:

  • 7 inch LCD screen with HD display.
  • 8 different functions including 170 degree wide angle, parking monitoring & super night vision.
  • 60 day money back guarantee & 24 month warranty.
  • Comes with a micro USB cable, suction mount, sticker mount &  more.

The SuperEye dash cam is packed with plenty of great features and is perfect for proving your innocence with accidents that you are not to blame for.

SuperEye reviewIn their online review, Tapash D said:

It’s small looks discreet in the car but works just as good as other expensive ones. The suction cup is brilliant too. I have a 32gb SD and would state to use a class 10 due to the high images/video being captured. Service has been great when setting up this item, I had some questions around auto start and close of ignition which this camera offers which is good along with the g shock sensor which is good use even when the cars turned off this can be activated on battery life which will last a evening or two. All the necessary accessories are included. So, just good to go as you unpack.”


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#3 Apeman 1080 FHD In Car Dash Cam

ApemanIf you are looking for a dash cam with something a little extra, then this is certainly a contender. Rather than the standard 720P resolution, this offering from Apeman boasts a 1080 FHD display meaning that you can catch the finer details in high definition. It is a slimline model that has been designed very well indeed. Here are some of the features:

  • 3 inch LCD screen.
  • 5 different functions including G sensor, motion detecting & loop recording.
  • 12 month guarantee & after sale service.
  • Comes with a mini USB cable, suction mount, 3M cable & more.

apeman reviewFor something a little more on the sophisticated side, the Apeman 1080 FHD In Car Dash Cam is a great option and it has received fantastic reviews from customers.

In her online review, user Abby said:

First ever dashcam so didn’t know what to expect, very nice compact size does not obstruct my view, has a decent strong build and a sleek decent design. Easy to operate and when I tried the replay on the laptop the quality was exceptional. very pleased and would recommend it to anyone.”

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#2 TOGUARD Dual Lens Dash Cam

Toguard (1)If you want to make sure that you are covered from all angles, then the TOGUARD Dual Lens Dash Cam might be the perfect model for you. Not only does it feature a 1080HD front camera, but it also has a 720P rear camera, so you can capture everything from behind and in front. This would be ideal for those who do a lot of driving on a daily basis. Here are some of the great features:

  • 4 inch large screen with low illumination.
  • Parking monitoring, G sensor and WDR.
  • No guarantee or warranty.
  • Comes with a car charger, bracket, a rear view cable, rear view camera & a 32GB SD card.

Toguard reviewThis is definitely a good option if you drive a lot for work or pleasure. The fact that the G Sensor detects any sudden breaking means that any accident that occurs will be recording without you having to do anything. It is well built and a great design, so definitely one worth considering.

In their online review, user Bookworm said the following:

Got this for Christmas and due to being ill I have only been able to fit it this last weekend. So far i have only put the front camera in and will probably be putting the rear one on the inside as I don’t want to be screwing into the bumper on my car. Which is a bit of a shame as I won’t be able to use the parking function I don’t think. Anyway the front camera has been great so far, I only wish I could have the screen blank while driving but still recording.

Once so far the suction cup has come off the window, I’m hoping it does not become an issue but it does seem like a great item. The front camera image quality is excellent and the wide angle lens is great for the motorway as it can ‘see’ the lanes on either side.”

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#1 Nextbase 412GW 1440p QUAD HD In-Car Dash Camera

NextbaseComing in at number one on our list is the Nextbase 412GW 1440p QUAD HD In-Car Dash Camera. This is one of the more expensive dash cams on our list, but it is absolutely packed with great features. It is a little more advanced than some of the others, so may be better suited to those who have used dash cams before. Here are some of the features that you get with this one:

  • 3 inch ultra-clear LCD screen.
  • Multiple functions including WiFi, WDR & enhanced night vision.
  • No guarantee or warranty.
  • It comes with the camera, 4M cigarette socket charging cable & a mount.

Next base reviewFor those looking for something a little more advanced with some fantastic features, this is definitely the best option.

In their online review, user Pippin said:

“We are happy with this so far, but we are still getting to grips with it. I did have a bit of a problem downloading the programme to show the video etc,
& how that all works, but probably as I am not too PC savvy & we are still getting to grips as to how to view the video recordings. luckily we have not needed to use any of the recordings.

A word of warning, your voice will be recorded if you don’t stop the mic doing so, so watch what you say as you drive along!”

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So, there you have it, the top 5 mid-range dash cams for 2018. There is something on this list for every driver, whether you only drive occasionally, or you drive on a daily basis. Just remember, as long as you do some solid market research, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get the perfect dash cam for your needs.