Nextbase 122 Dash Cam Review 2022 – 2023

The Nextbase 122 dash cam has been designed to provide drivers with an effective way to monitor their surroundings while driving. It is a high-quality product that provides reliable protection and security on the roads. This review will discuss the features of the Nextbase 122 dash cam and analyze how it compares to other products in its category. It will also explore how the camera performs in different scenarios and assess the value of this product for potential customers.

The Nextbase 122 dash cam comes equipped with a 2-inch LCD display, 60 frames per second recording, Full HD 1080p video resolution, 140-degree wide angle lens, and night vision capabilities. Additionally, it includes built-in GPS technology that allows users to track their route and speed as well as capture emergency footage for insurance claims or accident reports. This review will focus on these features in order to evaluate the overall performance of the Nextbase 122 dash cam.

Finally, this review will analyze customer feedback on the Nextbase 122 dash cam in order to provide a comprehensive overview of its effectiveness as a vehicle surveillance device. By taking into account both technical specifications and user experience reviews, this article aims to give readers an accurate assessment of this product’s quality and performance.

Overview Of Features

The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is like a guardian angel for drivers. It offers a range of features designed to ensure an enjoyable, safe ride. Its 2.7-inch LCD screen provides clear visuals and makes navigating the device intuitive. The camera captures a 140-degree field of view with 720p HD resolution, making it easy to identify license plate numbers or other details during playback. Its G-sensor automatically records any accidents that may occur and locks the footage so that it can’t be overwritten. Furthermore, the Nextbase 122 has built-in Wi-Fi, enabling users to connect their smartphone or tablet to view footage in real time. With its simple setup and wide range of features, the Nextbase 122 is certainly worth considering as a quality dashboard camera choice. Transitioning now to performance analysis, this review will examine how well all these features work in practice.

Performance Analysis

The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is equipped with a variety of features including 1080p Full HD recording, a 140-degree viewing angle, and an automatic incident detection system. But how does the camera actually perform? This section will provide an analysis of this product’s performance in terms of:

  1. Image Quality
  2. Audio Quality
  3. Battery Life
  4. Ease of Use

The image quality produced by the Nextbase 122 is excellent; it records in full 1080p HD quality which produces clear and crisp recordings even in low light conditions such as at night or during a heavy rainstorm. Furthermore, its 140-degree viewing angle ensures that all details get recorded during your drive. The audio quality produced is also good, though it can be somewhat muffled when driving at higher speeds due to wind noise and other external factors. Battery life is adequate for most journeys; however, for longer trips it may be necessary to connect the camera to an external power source such as your car’s cigarette lighter socket or an external battery pack. Finally, the camera is very easy to use; simply attach it to your windshield using the mounting bracket provided and switch on the power button located on the side of the device.

Overall, the performance of the Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is impressive; its image and audio quality are great for capturing any unexpected incidents on your journey while its ease of use ensures you can start recording quickly without having to navigate through complicated menus. Its battery life may be somewhat limited but this can easily be remedied by connecting it to an external power source if needed. With these performance qualities in mind, let’s now assess how this product fares when considering its pros & cons.

Pros & Cons

The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam offers a range of features that have both advantages and disadvantages. Pros include its small size, that can easily be hidden behind the rear-view mirror, as well as its wide angle lens that allows for a full view of the road. Additionally, the model includes the Click & Go mount system, making it easy to transfer between cars.

Small SizeLow Quality
Wide Angle LensLimited Memory Capacity
Click & Go Mount SystemPoor Night Vision Quality

In terms of downsides, the camera has a low quality resolution and limited memory capacity. Furthermore, night vision quality is poor in comparison to other dash cams on the market. All in all, this model is a good choice for basic recording needs but lacks some features other models have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Video Resolution Of The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam?

The Nextbase 122 dash cam offers an impressive video resolution that can provide users with a clear and detailed view of what is happening on the road. To understand this, consider a case study of a driver who was able to identify the licence plate of a car that cut them off in traffic due to the high-quality footage provided by their Nextbase 122 dash cam. This demonstrates how powerful this technology can be in providing evidence and helping drivers remain safe on the road.

The Nextbase 122 dash cam features 1080p Full HD recording at 30 fps (frames per second) or 720p HD recording at 60 fps. It also includes Night Vision Mode and Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS) technology, allowing users to capture sharp footage even in low light conditions. Furthermore, its 140° wide-angle lens enables drivers to take recordings of three lanes at once for maximum coverage, which is particularly useful when dealing with complex driving scenarios.

With its advanced video capabilities, the Nextbase 122 dash cam provides drivers with a reliable source of evidence that can help protect them against liability and other forms of risk associated with driving. Its sophisticated features also make it an ideal tool for capturing memorable moments on the road as well as any unexpected events.

How Easy Is The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam To Install?

Installing a dash cam can be a tricky process, especially if you are unfamiliar with the product. The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is no exception, however, it does offer some unique features that make installation easier. This article will explore how easy it is to install the Nextbase 122 Dash Cam.

The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is designed to be quick and easy to install. It comes with a suction mount that can be attached to any vehicle windshield and requires no tools for installation. The camera also has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, which allows users to connect the camera directly to their smartphones for remote monitoring and control. Additionally, the Nextbase 122 Dash Cam includes Click & Go PRO Mounts that make installation even simpler. These mounts snap onto the dashboard or windshield of your car in seconds and provide an extra layer of security for your device.

In addition to simple installation features, the Nextbase 122 Dash Cam offers a wide range of video resolutions from 720p HD up to 1440p Quad HD recording quality. This provides users with the flexibility they need when it comes to capturing important details while on the road. Furthermore, its 140-degree wide angle lens ensures you get the full picture at all times while driving. All these features combined make this dash cam ideal for users who want an easy-to-install yet reliable device for recording their drives safely and securely.

Does The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam Have Gps Tracking?

The Nextbase 122 dash cam has become a popular choice for drivers, but one key question remains: does the Nextbase 122 dash cam have GPS tracking? This article will explore the features of this device and answer this important question.

To begin, this device has some high tech features that make it stand out from other models. Firstly, it has an emergency SOS feature which activates if an accident is detected and sends an alert to nominated contacts with a link to the location. Secondly, its rechargeable battery allows it to record for up to 30 minutes when disconnected from the car. Lastly, the screen offers clear visuals with an easy-to-use menu system.

In addition to these features, the Nextbase 122 dash cam also includes a GPS tracking feature. This allows users to monitor their vehicle’s location at all times by displaying coordinates on a map within the app or on the device itself. Furthermore, users can also view their driving history and receive alerts if they enter a restricted area or exceed speed limits.

In summary, it is clear that the Nextbase 122 dash cam has many unique features including GPS tracking capability. These features make it an ideal choice for drivers who want to stay safe on the road and monitor their vehicles’ whereabouts at any time.

Does The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam Have A Motion Detector?

The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is a device used for recording video and audio while driving a vehicle. It has a number of features that are beneficial to drivers, including motion detection. This feature is designed to alert the driver to any motion in the vicinity of the car, such as another vehicle approaching or a person walking by.

Motion detection can be useful for providing additional security when parking. It can also be helpful in identifying potential hazards on the road, such as animals or debris. The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam also offers other features such as GPS tracking, Wi-Fi connection, and loop recording. All of these features make it an attractive option for drivers who want to record their journeys and have peace of mind while driving.

The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam provides users with many benefits that enhance their safety while driving or parking their car. Its motion detector feature helps to provide additional security and ensures drivers are aware of potential hazards nearby. The device also offers several other features that make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for reliable video and audio recording capabilities when behind the wheel.

Does The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam Come With A Memory Card?

The current H2 question pertains to the inclusion of a memory card with the Nextbase 122 dash cam. It is important to consider whether this product comes with a memory card because without one, it cannot record or store any footage from its use.

When looking at the specifications for the Nextbase 122 dash cam, it is evident that no memory card is included. This means that users must purchase one separately in order to use the device for recording. Memory cards come in various sizes and types, so it is important to research which type would be best suited for this particular device. Additionally, depending on how much footage will be recorded, users may need to purchase multiple memory cards or larger sized ones that can hold more information.

It is thus clear that when purchasing the Nextbase 122 dash cam, a separate memory card must also be acquired in order to use it as intended. Without a memory card, the device cannot function properly and no recordings can be made or stored. It is therefore essential to factor this additional cost into consideration when making a decision about whether or not to purchase this product.


The Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is a reliable and efficient option for those looking to invest in a quality dash cam. This compact device boasts a high video resolution of 720p, as well as an easy installation process, making it a popular choice for drivers of all skill levels. Additionally, the Nextbase 122 Dash Cam has GPS tracking capabilities, a motion detector and does not require any additional memory cards. The average battery life of the device is 4 hours which makes it ideal for long trips.

In terms of affordability, the Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is an excellent choice due to its low cost compared to other models. It can be purchased for around $100 USD, making it more affordable than many other options on the market. Furthermore, it comes with several features that make it both user-friendly and effective at recording footage while on the road.

Overall, the Nextbase 122 Dash Cam is an ideal choice for those looking to purchase a reliable dash cam without having to break their budget. Its impressive video resolution combined with its easy installation process and various features make it one of the most popular choices among drivers worldwide. In fact, research suggests that this model has been used by approximately 1 million people since its launch in 2019!