Nextbase NBDVRMIRROR Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Review – A Unique, Sleek Design

If you have already taken some time to do a little research into dash cams and the options that are available to you right now, then you will already be well aware that there are plenty of brands out there with a solid reputation for producing consistently high quality devices.

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One of those brands is Nextbase. This brand has produced a whole range of dash cams in all different price ranges and they are as popular as ever. Due to the sheer amount of models that they produce, it can be difficult to choose the right one, so we have tested as many as possible to give you an honest review of each one.

The model that we are going to be reviewing for you today is the Nextbase NBDVRMIRROR Rear View Mirror Dash Cam. If you are interested in purchasing a Nextbase model as your next dash cam then please read on below to see what we thought.

Features: 1080P Full HD Resolution – 30FPS – 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens – Wide Dynamic Range – 4” LCD Screen – GPS – WiFi – Loop Recording – Cam Viewer App


  • Really unique design that fits neatly onto your rear view mirror.
  • Built with quality, solid materials.
  • Handy Cam Viewer App which allows you to view your footage via WiFi.
  • Nice 4” screen which is very bright and clear.


  • The field of view is only 140 degrees so it could be bigger.
  • The initial setup takes a while.

The Nextbase NBDVRMIRROR Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Review

First of all, we’re going to quickly over the design of this Nextbase Dash Cam as this one is a little different to most of the others that we have tested in the past. With this dash cam, it is designed to be mounted onto your rear view mirror. It is incredibly thin and lightweight so it is perfect if you want something ultra-discreet.

In terms of materials, you can certainly tell that high quality materials have been used for the construction of this dash cam. It feels like it has been built to last. It feels solid and like it would withstand being knocked around a little without causing any damage.

Installing the Nextbase NBDVRMIRROR Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Installing the Nextbase NBDVRMIRROR Rear View Mirror Dash Cam didn’t take us very long to do at all. However, it is worth noting that the initial setup is a little lengthy and did take us quite some time to complete. However, once we were all setup we were ready to go so that we could test the camera properly.

In terms of resolution, we had no issues at all in any light conditions. We were able to make out the finer details in both light and dark, even number plates. The only issue that we have with this dash cam is the field of view. At only 140 degrees we did feel that the view is restricted a little bit which is a shame. An extra 30 degrees would have made all the difference.

Fantastic 4″ Crystal Clear Screen

One thing that we really liked about the design is the 4” screen. It is crystal clear and very bright and can be hidden when you don’t want to use it, which is great for viewing your footage without obstructing your view. One extra feature that was a very nice touch was the Cam Viewer app which can be downloaded from the app store.

With this app, you are able to view and edit your footage over WiFi. This is perfect for those who want to document and share their journeys via social media. Overall, we were highly impressed with the Nextbase NBDVRMIRROR Rear View Mirror Dash Cam and would absolutely recommend it.

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