RoadHawk DC 2 – An Innovative Brand in Dash Cam Technology

When it comes to dash cam manufacturers, one of the oldest names and most reputable brands is RoadHawk. They were actually one of the first companies to produce dash cams and have been in business for 10 years now.

With all that being said, we understandably expected very good things from their RoadHawk DC2 dash cam. Although they are a reputable brand, it is always best to test and review dash cams before making a buying decision. We have compiled a thorough review for you to take a look at to see if this is the right dash cam for you.


  • 1080P Full HD Recording
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • Low Light Sensor
  • GPS Receiver
  • Adjustable Shock Sensor


  • The installation process is really easy.
  • Excellent night time recording quality.
  • Feels very durable and well built.
  • Good adjustable shock sensor.


  • It is a relatively expensive device.
  • There is no screen on the device.

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The Design

The first thing that we’d like to talk about is the design of the RoadHawk DC2. What you will notice is that it has a very unique shape. From the front of the dash cam, you will see the RoadHawk logo in yellow and white, with the camera on the left hand side. The camera itself feels incredibly well built and the unique design certainly makes it stand out.

The installation process for mounting the dash cam was so straightforward that anyone would be able to do it. It is simply a matter of mounting the camera behind the rear view mirror. The best thing about this installation process is that there are no messy cables to contend with, which happens with a lot of the high-end devices.

The only possible drawback that we could note for the RoadHawk DC2 is that there is no screen. This means that you won’t be able to view your footage on the go, you will have to view it on a laptop or PC. However, given the high quality of the dash cam, this isn’t really a huge deal.

The Recording Quality

One of the best things about this dash cam is the recording quality that it offers, without a doubt. During the daylight hours, the image is crystal clear and not compromised in the slightest. Even the slightest details can be picked up via the 1080P resolution which is exactly what you want from a high-end dash cam.

What really impressed us about the RoadHawk DC2 dash cam is the quality of the recording during the evening when it is dark. A lot of dash cams will struggle to pick up fine details in the dark. This isn’t the case with the RoadHawk DC2. It has a built in low light sensor which will adjust the resolution so that the image quality isn’t compromised in the slightest.

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The Extra Features

Given that it is a high-end device, we expected that this dash cam would have some impressive extra features and we weren’t disappointed. The first feature that we really liked was the adjustable shock sensor. With some dash cams, you will find that the G sensor is a little too sensitive and activates emergency locking when it isn’t needed.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the RoadHawk DC2. Thanks to the adjustable shock sensor, you can get the sensitivity just right for your terrain so that the emergency recording locking is only activated when it is necessary, such as when you have been involved in a collision.

Another extra feature that we liked was the electronic image stabilisation. With this feature, you are able to rest assured that you will get a high quality recording every single time. The image is stabilised no matter what sort of road you are traveling on, so the image quality won’t be compromised by uneven surfaces which often happens.

The Conclusion

We have to say that overall, we were really impressed with this dash cam. The first thing that impressed us was the unique design. If fits incredibly well behind the rear view mirror with no problem at all and doesn’t obstruct your view or appear obvious to other road users.

This in combination with the extra features really make it worth the extra money. The low light sensor makes this dash cam perfect for those who tend to drive more during the evening as you can make sure that you have perfect footage in all light levels.

If you are willing to spend a little extra money for a well-built dash cam that really performs well, then the RoadHawk DC2 is definitely a dash cam to keep in mind as an option for your car.

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