SuperEye Dash Cam Review – A Budget Device Packed with Features

Choosing a dash cam is no easy task. If you have already started to look into your options then you will already know that there are literally thousands of different models out there these days. Unless you have a very clear idea of what it is that you are looking for, then choosing the right model for you can be really hard to do.

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Fortunately, we are here to help. We have tested and reviewed all of the most popular models on the market right now so that we can give you an honest idea of what to expect from each one. The model that we are going to be reviewing for you today is the SuperEye Dash Cam. Please read on below for our verdict.

Features: 1080P Full HD Resolution – 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens – Wide Dynamic Range – Loop Recording – Parking Monitoring – Motion Detection- Night Vision – 2.7” Screen – 24 Month Warranty


  • Incredible night vision produces a crystal clear image.
  • Really nice 2.7” screen with a touch button for operating the menu.
  • Parking monitoring for parking on the road overnight.
  • Very long customer warranty should anything go wrong.


  • The menus are a little tricky to navigate.
  • The camera could be a little sturdier.

The SuperEye Dash Cam Review

As we always do, we’re first going to take a quick look at the design of the SuperEye Dash Cam. Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed with the quality here. The camera certainly looks good at first glance. However, after looking over the device, we definitely felt that the materials were a little cheap. This isn’t necessarily a major problem, but you do get the feeling that the device isn’t going to be very durable.

A Slightly Disappointing Design

Although we were disappointed with the design, we still decided to give it a fair chance and there were definitely aspects of this dash cam that we really liked. First of all, installing and setting up the device was not a problem at all. One thing that we did like is the 2.7” screen which enables you to see the menus very clearly.

We also felt that the touch button to navigate through the menus was a really nice touch. The button is responsive and easy to use. The only thing that we didn’t like is that the menus can be a little tricky to navigate. We had a bit of trouble going through the different features at first which was a shame.

Fantastic Video Quality All Around

In terms of resolution, the SuperEye Dash Cam definitely excels. Both the day and night resolution is very clear, thanks to the built in night vision. We didn’t have any trouble reading number plates in the dark or picking up the finer details.

Something else that we liked is the motion detecting parking mode. We found that the device was sensitive enough and we were able to capture any movement outside of the vehicle when it was parked. A final good point to mention is that with this dash cam you get a long 24 month customer warranty.

Our Final Thoughts on the SuperEye Dash Cam

There are certainly some design issues that could be straightened out, but for the most part, we were quite impressed with this dash cam, especially given the budget price tag. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you just want something basic then this could be the camera for you.


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