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Our recommended alternative is The AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam!

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TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam – High Tech Dash Cam Technology

Toguard are a Chinese electronics company that specialises in audio and video technology. They are big in both Europe and America and have been for quite some time. They are well-known for producing reasonably priced dash cams that are of a high quality.

Out of there range of dash cams, we have chosen to review the Toguard Mirror Dash Cam. This is a mid-range device that upon first appearances looks very sophisticated indeed. If you are looking for a dash cam, then take a look at our review below to see if this could be a good fit for your needs.

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  • 1080P Full HD Recording
  • 170 Degree Front Camera
  • 140 Degree Rear Camera
  • Loop Recording
  • Parking Monitor
  • Motion Detection
  • Reverse Parking Camera
  • 7” Touch Screen


  • Affordable for a high tech piece of kit.
  • Easy to use touch screen interface.
  • Sophisticated, modern design.
  • Reversing camera kit.


  • The cable length for the rear camera is a little short.
  • The camera doesn’t fit all mirrors.
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The Design

When we first took a look at the Toguard Mirror Dash cam, we have to say that our first impressions were that it is a little on the bulky side. During the installation process, we noticed that it doesn’t fit all mirror types comfortably, so this is definitely something to bare in mind.

With that said, we were impressed with the modern design of the dash cam itself. The best part of this device has to be the 7 inch touch screen interface. It is highly responsive and very user friendly. When following the provided instructions, the installation of the dash cam was actually fairly straight forward.

The only issue that we had during the installation process is that the cable to connect the front and rear camera is not long enough. There are some vehicles that it won’t fit very well such as large vans. This is the only real design flaw that we could note.

The Recording Quality

One of the best things about the Toguard Mirror Dash Cam is the fact that both the front and the rear camera offer 1080P full HD recording. When we tested the recording quality of this dash cam, we were really pleased. It offers very clear recording in all light levels, which is great for recording at night.

The front camera offers a 170 degree recording angle which is great as it allows you to get a good view of all lanes, but the rear camera only records 140 degrees which is a little frustrating as it can miss some of the finer details and is a little restrictive. Although this is the case, we definitely can’t complain about the quality of the recordings that we captured.

The Extra Features

There are a few extra features with the Toguard Mirror Dash Cam that we really liked. First of all, there is the reversing camera kit. This allows you to ensure that you can reverse safely and will be alerted if there are any obstacles in your way. This could save a lot of stress in the long run.

The other thing that we really liked was that you are able to turn the front camera into a normal mirror. To do this, all we had to do was simply press the button on the touch screen that allowed us to select the screensaver option which creates the mirror finish.

The Conclusion

Considering the Toguard Mirror Dash Cam is a fairly budget model, we have to say that we were really impressed with the results. The recording quality is far better than we expected with no grainy images or compromises on sound recording.

We particularly liked the touch screen for this dash cam. We were a little worried that it may not be very responsive because it isn’t a high end device but this really wasn’t the case, the screen is highly responsive and the menu very easy to navigate. For a dash cam that doesn’t cost a fortune and comes with enough features to keep you safe, this is a good option.

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