Best Dash Cam Under £100 – The Top 3 in 2017 – 2018

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RAC 02 1080p 30fps – 170 Degree Angle, GPS, Photo Mode Mid-Range BUY NOW!

HYT AT600 1080p 30fps – 148 Degree Angle – Parking Mode Affordable BUY NOW!

HYT AT550 1080p 30fps – 148 Degree Angle Affordable BUY NOW!

While it is absolutely necessary to keep safe on the roads as well as protect ourselves from false claims, we don’t want to have to spend a small fortune doing it. With costs like road tax, MOT, insurance and petrol on the increase; we are naturally looking for ways to save money.

When it comes to buying a good quality dash cam, you needn’t spend hundreds of pounds. You can pick up a decent and more importantly, reliable dash cam for under £100.00.

In fact, you can buy dash cameras for under £30.00, but be warned they are likely not reliable – and so you will end up buying twice – which will actually cost you more money than if you had bought a decent on in the first place.

On cheap dash cams from China, the lens are cheap plastic and can have a pretty poor frame rate. If the frame rate is bad and cant make out another license plate then the footage will be deemed unworthy to use in evidence, and pointless in having a dash cam.

Another point worth noting here is that some of the cheaper dash cams also fall short when it comes to night time recording. The quality of the footage taken at night can be very poor.

In this short review of the top three dash cams for under £100.00, we have bought you just the best cameras on the market in terms of value and quality.


Best Dashboard Cameras For Under £100.00

Number 1. The RAC 02

From a known company in vehicle recovery comes the RAC 02 dash cam. The RAC 02 is the new model after RAC released the much criticised RAC 01.

RAC have definitely done their homework since The 01 and have brought us a very good dash camera with some great features and of a very good quality build. Here is why The RAC 02 is our number 1 dash cam under £100;

  • Video quality recording at 1080p with a good frame rate at 30 frames per second – giving you a very sharp picture quality and minimal motion blur. You will be able to clearly read license Best Dash Cam Under 100plates when you playback the footage without an issue
  • Extra wide viewing angle at 170 degrees to capture virtually your whole windscreen
  • GPS system built-in so in the event of a collision you see exactly where you were with the co-ordinates
  • G-Sensor – to protect the most recent footage leading up to the point of impact
  • Great night time video quality
  • Photo mode – capture images in case you needed to use it as a still camera
  • Display screen for instant feedback on the footage you are recording
  • Loop recording so no need to worry about the memory card filling up and running out of space
  • One of the most reliable dash cams currently on the market and for under £100.00
  • Plug and play – one of the most easiest to use of the dash cams
  • 4GB micro SD card included


The RAC 02 is the winner of our line up today, firstly because of its amazing video quality. While it is 30 frames per second; it feels smoother.

The viewing angle at 170 degrees is also another very good point working for The RAC 02.

Reliability, functionality and quality all considered the dash cam you get for under £100.00 with The RAC 02 cannot be beat.



Number 2. HYT AT600

Best DashCam UnderHYT have made a good name for themselves when it comes to supplying good quality dash cams and have actually filled up two spots in this post.

The AT600 also boasts some very good features and it was tough to decide which would victor as number one between the AT600 and The RAC 02, and I went with the RAC 02 based on its quality of build, wider recording angle, GPS and reliability. Not to say that The AT600 was not reliable by any means, but I just found the RAC 02 to be easy to use and a better quality of build.

Here are some reasons why The HYT AT600 is our number 2 dash cam;

  • 1080p recording with a frame rate of 30 frames per second to capture every detail on the road and the crucial license plate clarityBest DashCam Under 100
  • You also have the option of having the recording at 60 frames per second but it would have to be with the 720p resolution
  • Pixel: 5 mega pixel CMOS
  • 148 degree viewing angle
  • G-Sensor to protect video files close to an impact
  • Parking monitor so it will act as a CCTV for your car
  • Loop recording functionality
  • Very good stabalisation


A very good dashcam with clear picture quality day or night. The option to go to 60 frames per second for an ultra smooth frame raye and parking mode. For the price tag of around £65.00 you cannot go wrong with the AT600.



Number 3. HYT At550

DashCam Under 100Another quality dash cam from HYT, The AT550 is at a lower price point than The AT600 yet still has some good features and a good picture quality.

  • Using The G6 lens, The AT550 boasts The Best Novatek chip 96650 for The AT550.
  • High resolution picture quality at 1080p with a frame rate of 30 frames per second
  • 148 degree wide angle lens to capture a fair amount of your windscreen view
  • Photo mode for use as a still camera
  • Good night vision detail
  • Continuous loop recording for convenience and piece of mind


For the price at around £60.00, you get a very good dash cam for your money.

The AT550 has all the basic needed features for any dash cam. It has a very good picture quality, all the basic and needed functions like the g-sensor and loop recording. The build quality is very good and works straight out of the box.

It falls behind The AT600 because it does not have the ability to record 60 fps (even at 720p) resolution.

The AT500 is third in our line up today because while it still has some very good features and is a reliable dash cam it still lacks some of the advanced features like parking mode and GPS.

On the positive side it is the cheapest in the line up.



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