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Top 3 Affordable Dash Cams Under £100

Dash cams are sold at a range of prices. You can pick some up for around the £30 mark, whereas, others sell for a few hundred pounds. We’ve reviewed three of the most affordable dash cams on the market so you can see which type of dash cam you can get for your budget, so you don’t end up with a cheap one which will break down, nor a super expensive one.


Nextbase 312GW Review – Our Number 1

NextbaseThe Nextbase 312GW  (CHECK PRICE!) Digital Driving Video Recorder with Built-In Wi-Fi features an innovative design and high-quality specifications. Let’s take a look at its features in more detail.

  • The Nextbase dash cam benefits from its market leading instant uploading capabilities to either social media or insurer.
  • Wi-Fi is built into the dash cam, making it easy to download footage to an iOS or Android device and share it with friends, family, your insurance company or the police. Recorded footage can then be stored on the Nextbase app.
  • Nextbase is a brand known for its high quality products and innovative designs and the 312GW doesn’t hold back either. It has a click and go mounting system which allows you to quickly and effortlessly attach the dash cam to your windscreen. The dash cam is free from wires as magnets and powered touch points within the mount are utilized instead.
  • Super fast GPS is included with the dash cam which allows you to track your journey and pin point the exact location of an incident and the speed it happened at.
  • The dash cam records footage in full 1080p HD with a 140 degree wide viewing angle, ensuring high quality video footage.
  • The LED screen is an impressive 2.7 inches, allowing you to easily playback footage.

The Nextbase 312GW Full 1080p HD In Car Dash Cam Camera DVR Digital Driving Video Recorder with Built-In Wi-Fi has some brilliNextbase reviewant features, considering its price. It has an elegant, state of the art design and is simple and easy to use thanks to its wireless set up, which makes it convenient and user friendly.

All this along with the standard 12 month warranty.


Features: Full 1080p HD recording – WiFi enabled – Magnetic click and go mount – Auto crash file protection – GPS speed and location logging – 2.7 inch LED screen

Pricing: Affordable

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OldShark Review – Our Number 2

OldShark review

The OldShark 1080P HD dash cam (CHECK PRICE!) with 32GB SD card comes in a simple yet elegant black design which would fit nicely on your vehicle’s windscreen, so let’s have a look at what features it has to offer.

  • A 1080P 30 FPS HD video is captured thanks to the 170° wide angle lens which ensures the entire road is captured on camera in a high quality image, regardless of the light or time of day.
  • An emergency accident lock is triggered by G-sensor. This feature locks recorded video clips when it detects that an incident has occurred, which can later be referred back to when looking to determine the at fault party. There is also the option of manually locking video to save it.


  • The dash cam’s 24 hour parking monitor automatically activates as soon as it detects movement, objects or vibration.
  • The das
    h cam has the following features to ensure ultimate protection of your vehicle: loop recording, parking monitor, movement detection, timestamp and instant playback.
  • The dash cam is easy to set up and just needs to be mounted onto the windscreen and connected via the power cable. Therefore, the cam can be used almost instantaneously.
  • Recording starts as soon as you start driving your vehicle, so you haven’t got to remember to press any buttons to prompt recording.
  • Instant playback is achieved via a simple menu set up which is used via the clear 3.0 inch LCD display.
  • Items included when you purchase the OldShark 1080P HD dash cam are a 32 GB micro SD card, power cable, suction mount, USB transfer cable, cable clips, USB adaptor for use with the micro SD card and gift packaging.
  • A 30 day money back guarantee, 18 month warranty and lifetime friendly customer service support are provided with the dash cam.

OldShark 1080P HD dash cam with 32GB SD card is a simple, user friendly dash cam with a generous warranty and money back guarantee. The 24 hour parking monitor and G-sensor are great features which will benefit many users and provide reassurance that you and your vehicle are safeguarded at all times. The emergency accident lock is a nifty feature which comes in very handy following an incident.


Features: 24 hour parking monitor – Instant playback – 170° wide angle lens – G-sensor – Money back guarantee and warranty – Loop recording – Free 32GB Micro SD card
Pricing: Affordable

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Oasser Review – Our Number 3

(Currently unavailable, an updated alternative product below)

OasserThe Oasser 1080P in car dash cam (CHECK PRICE!) has some high quality features, considering its low price. Let’s have a look in more detail what the dash cam has to offer.

  • The Oasser 1080P in car dash cam records full HD 1920 x 1080 P FPS videos via a 170° wide angle lens which provides perfect images every time. Infrared lights and WDR are also utilised to capture both sides of the road during the day and at night.
  • Other great beneficial features of the dash cam include G-sensor, seamless loop-cycle recording, smart parking monitoring motion detection, HDMI video output and auto power off and the maximum working temperature of the dash cam is 75°C.
  • The dash cam supports GPS vehicle movement tracking which allows you to track the route you’ve driven and the speed in which you drove at. However, an additional suction cup mount with GPS receiver module would need to be purchased to make use of this function.
  • The dash cam is compact in size and comes with a 1.5 inch TFT LCD High definition screen.
  • A micro SD card is included when you purchase the dash cam. 8-32GB class 10 micro SD cards with a 10M/s or above reading and writing speed are supported.
  • A 30 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty are included with the Oasser dash cam.
  • Other items included with the dash cam are a manual, USB data cable, car charger cable and a suction cup mount.

The Oasser 1080P in car dash cam is a nice, low price dash cam with some good features, similar to those of a higher priced dash cam, such as the Oasser reviewloop recording, GPS vehicle tracking and G-sensor. It’s a shame, however, that an additional product needs to be purchased in order to utilise the GPS function. A decent money back guarantee and warranty gives buyers peace of mind, too.


Features: 170° wide angle lens – Full HD recording – G-sensor – Parking monitoring motion detection – Micro SD card – Money back guarantee and warranty – HDMI video output

Pricing: Affordable


Update: The above product is no longer available.

We’ve reviewed the below alternative, which we trust you would find to be better all round;

UPDATED Number 3: ThiEYE

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Our favourite affordable dash cam is the OldShark 1080P HD Dash Cam with free micro SD card. It has a 24 hour parking monitor which provides 24/7 protection and security to you and your vehicle. In addition to this, the 32 GB micro SD card, warranty, auto recording feature, G-sensor and high quality screen make this a must have affordable dash cam.

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