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Top 3 Dashcams with GPS

Filming your surroundings from the comfort of your own car isn’t easy. A Cards Dashboard isn’t exactly designed to have a great big stomping camera on it. Even if you manage to secure a big camera onto your Dash board, you risk it slipping and falling off, damaging it and not getting the footage you want. Dash Cams are the perfect sollution. With their sleek and compact design, they are built to stay on your dashboard without fail. They are installed with high tech, excellent quality cameras that can capture the world around you brilliantly.

Nextbase 312GW Cam Review – Our Number 1

Nextbase 312GWThis device is so compact, it would go un-noticed in your car by anyone. It is sleek and durable, whilst also containing within it an excellent camera ready to capture high quality footage at a moments notice. Lets look further at its features

  • This device has built in Wi-Fi, allowing you to download footage to a smartphone and easily sharing it with friends, family, an insurance company or the police. Whatever your need, the modernity of this device has got you covered
  • An all new design, featuring the ground breaking Powered Magnetic Click & Go mounting system which easily allows this Dash Cam to be installed onto your Dashboard
  • The device itself has a sleek design, free from wires making the instant removal or re-application of it simple and quick
  • Super fast GPS allows you to track your journey and pinpoint exactly where an incident has taken place and the speed it happened at which could be critical in an insurance claim

This Nextbase (CHECK PRICE!) device lives up to the brands name, ensuring high quality images are produced and ensuring the safety and reassurance of the driver. With its compact, light-weight design, this is the Dash Cam you didn’t know you needed.


Features : Wi-Fi – Wireless Body – Speedy GPS

Pricing : Mid Range

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MAISI Smart Car Recorder Review – Number 2

(Currently unavailable, an updated alternative product below)

MAISI This device is modern, sleek and easy to use. With a high quality built in camera and a modern, clean design this device is the perfect accessory to your Dashboard. Let’s take a look at its features up close

  • This device has recording abilities of up to 2304*1296p at 30 Fps. Imaqe quality is eqxuisite and the resolution is 1080p
  • With its 4 Megapixel image sensor, 6G Lens and F1.8 Aperture you cannot go wrong. All images captured are of excellent quality
  • This device has a built in G-Sensor with customizable sensitivity settings. When an incident, like hard braking or a collision occurs, the built in 3- Axis G Sensor will detect impact and automatically trigger emergency recording
  • This device is able to provide voice reminder features to ensure your safety on the road, including lane departure warning, GPS tracking, over speed alert and headlight on reminders. This device will provide you with the upmost peace of mind and let you focus on what really matters, the driving.

The Maisi Smart Car recording Dash Cam provides users with the highest of technology to cater to their MAISI every need. Not just a Dash Cam, it is a vital accessory to any drivers car, ensuring safety is maintained at every turn.


Features : HD Image – 6G Lens with F1.8 Aperture – G Sensor – Voice Reminder Settings

Pricing : Affordable



Update: The above product is no longer available.

We’ve reviewed the below alternative, which we trust you would find to be better all round;



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APEMAN Dash Cam Review – Number 3

APEMANThis device is modern, compact and durable. Its easy to install and will leave free to focus on the road. Let’s look at these features and details more closely

  • The camera has super wide 170 degree angle abilities
  • Superior night vision is installed within the device meaning you can capture excellent quality images even in the dark!
  • The device has G Sensor, Acceleration sensor and Motion Detection ensuring through any form of vehicle collision or accident with your car, it will automatically record images for your peace of mind. No need to worry about evidence for insurance companies
  • It allows you to see clear and bright video with a wider field of view and with Full HD 1080p quality available, all images produced are of excellent quality
  • A Parking Monitor is installed within this device which will turn on and begin recording as long as it sense something moving in front of the lens, even with nobody in the car. Loop recording is also available for efficient storage management
  • Touch keys are used on the device for easier operation, maintaining a sleek and modern design

This Apeman device allows you security and a clear conscience when driving your car. A sleek, modern and compact design blends in well with your APEMANdashboard. This device produces clear and good quality images.


Features : HD Recording – Wide Angle – G Sensor – Parking Sensors- Touch Keys

Pricing : Affordable

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My favourite of these devices has to be Maisi, with such complex and well thought out details and features this device allows you to focus on nothing but the driving. As well as capturing beautiful images, its many features, keep you safe on the road and that is priceless.

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