VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam Review: 4K Quality and GPS Tracking

I recently got my hands on the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam, and let me tell you, I'm blown away.

This little device is packed with impressive features that make it a top contender in the dashcam market. With its 4K resolution and GPS tracking, it delivers crystal clear footage and precise location data.

Plus, its parking mode and G-sensor ensure your car is always protected.

Stay tuned for my in-depth review where I'll dive deeper into its performance and user experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam offers impressive night vision capabilities with infrared technology.
  • The user-friendly interface of the dashcam allows for easy navigation and viewing of recorded footage.
  • The standout feature of the VANTRUE N2S is its GPS tracking capability, providing accurate location and speed recording.
  • The dashcam's 4K resolution ensures crystal clear footage and better identification of details in recorded videos.


In summary, based on my knowledge, the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam offers 4K quality and GPS tracking for reliable and high-resolution footage.

The GPS tracking feature provides numerous benefits, such as accurate location tracking and speed data. It can be helpful for monitoring driving habits and providing evidence in case of accidents or disputes. However, there are a few cons to consider, such as the potential for privacy concerns and the need for a clear line of sight to GPS satellites.

On the other hand, the 4K resolution of this dashcam offers exceptional image clarity and detail. It allows for better identification of license plates and other important details in recorded footage. However, it's worth noting that 4K resolution requires more storage space, which may necessitate frequent SD card changes or a larger capacity card.


One of the standout features of the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam is its ability to capture 4K quality footage. This means that the camera can record videos with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, providing incredibly sharp and detailed images. In comparison to lower resolution dashcams, the 4K quality footage from the N2S ensures a clearer view of the road and any incidents that may occur.

Another great feature of this dashcam is its GPS tracking capability. With GPS tracking, the N2S can accurately record and store information about your location and speed during your drive. This can be beneficial in various ways, such as providing evidence in case of accidents or disputes, tracking your driving route, and even helping with navigation.

Pros and Cons

Let's now take a look at the pros and cons of the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam.

There are several advantages to consider:

  • High-quality 4K resolution
  • GPS tracking feature for accurate location data

On the other hand, there are also some concerns raised by users:

  • Issues with the power cable design
  • The SD card isn't included.


I have several pros to share about the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam.

Firstly, its night vision capabilities are impressive. With infrared technology, it ensures clear and detailed footage even in low light conditions.

Secondly, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the camera settings and view recorded footage. The large buttons and intuitive menu layout enhance the overall user experience.

Lastly, the GPS tracking feature is a standout. It accurately records your location and speed, providing valuable information in case of an accident or dispute.


Although there are many pros to the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam, there are also a few cons to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Power cable design: Some users have expressed concerns about the power cable design of the dashcam. They've found it to be a bit bulky and difficult to hide or route discreetly in their vehicles.
  2. SD card compatibility: The VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam supports up to a 256GB SD card, which is a decent amount of storage. However, some users have mentioned that the dashcam doesn't come with an SD card included, so you'd need to purchase one separately.

Performance Improvements

The performance of the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam has significantly improved with its 4K resolution and GPS tracking capabilities. The image clarity of the dashcam is remarkable, allowing for detailed and crisp footage. With the 4K resolution, every little detail is captured, making it easier to identify license plates or other important elements in the recorded video. Additionally, the GPS accuracy of the N2S is impressive. It accurately tracks the vehicle's location, speed, and route, providing valuable information in case of an accident or other incidents. The GPS tracking feature is especially useful for fleet management or for those who want to keep a precise record of their journeys. Overall, the performance improvements in image clarity and GPS accuracy make the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam a reliable and high-quality choice for capturing your driving experiences.

Performance Improvements
Image clarityGPS accuracy
4K resolution for detailed footageAccurately tracks vehicle's location, speed, and route
Captures every little detailUseful for fleet management or precise record keeping

Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm impressed with the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam's performance and features, making it a top choice for capturing high-quality footage and accurately tracking my journeys.

When compared to other dash cams, the VANTRUE N2S stands out with its 4K resolution and GPS tracking capabilities. The footage it captures is crystal clear, allowing me to easily identify important details even in low light conditions, thanks to its infrared night vision and Sony sensor.

The wide viewing angle lens ensures that I can capture a broader perspective of the road. Additionally, the parking mode with motion detection and collision detection provides peace of mind when my car is parked, and the G-Sensor ensures that any emergency footage is securely locked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Viewing Angle of the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam?

The viewing angle of the Vantrue N2S dual dashcam is wide, providing excellent coverage of the road ahead. With its image stabilization feature, it ensures high-quality footage even during bumpy rides.

Can the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam Record Footage in Low Light or at Night?

Yes, the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam has excellent low light performance and night recording capabilities. The camera's infrared night vision and Sony sensor ensure clear and detailed footage even in dark conditions.

Does the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam Have a G-Sensor for Automatically Locking Emergency Footage?

Yes, the VANTRUE N2S dual dashcam has a G-sensor for automatically locking emergency footage. It also has loop recording capabilities, ensuring that important moments are not overwritten.

What Is the Warranty Period for the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam?

The warranty period for the Vantrue N2S dual dashcam is 18 months. Additionally, it has a wide viewing angle lens, providing a comprehensive perspective of the road ahead.

Is the VANTRUE N2S Dual Dashcam Easy to Install and Discreetly Place in the Vehicle?

Yes, the VANTRUE N2S dual dashcam is easy to install and discreetly place in the vehicle. The installation process is straightforward, and camouflaging techniques can be used to ensure it remains inconspicuous.

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