VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam Review: Clear and Versatile

I'm a tech enthusiast who values road safety, so finding a reliable dash cam is crucial.

The VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam blew me away with its impressive features and versatility. With a three-channel system, 4K front camera, and wide-angle lens, it captures crystal-clear footage and intricate traffic details.

Plus, it has 24/7 parking mode, extreme weather durability, and emergency video locking.

In this article, I'll share my experience with the N4 Dash Cam and explain why it's my top recommendation for road monitoring.

Key Takeaways

  • The VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam is a 3 channel dash cam with front, rear, and inside cameras, providing comprehensive coverage of the vehicle.
  • The dash cam records videos in high resolution, with the front camera capturing footage in real 4K with audio for clear and detailed recordings.
  • The N4 Dash Cam is equipped with advanced features such as WDR+HDR+IR night vision for enhanced visibility in dark conditions, as well as a 24/7 parking mode with motion and collision detection.
  • The dash cam offers additional benefits like a larger mirror for better field of view, adjustable camera angle and levelling, and the option to use the mirror as a normal mirror or to display the rear view.

Product Overview

I'll start by giving you an overview of the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam. The installation process of this dash cam was straightforward and hassle-free. The package came with clear instructions, making it easy to set up.

However, it's important to note that you need to purchase a separate SD card for recording.

In terms of customer satisfaction, there have been positive feedback regarding the product's performance and durability. Some customers did experience initial issues with SD card errors and formatting, but these were resolved with further testing and verification of reliable SD cards.


The VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam offers a wide range of features, including a 3 channel system with front, rear, and inside cameras. This allows for comprehensive coverage and recording of the surroundings both inside and outside the vehicle.

The video quality is impressive, with the ability to record videos in 2K+ 2K+ 1080P 30FPS resolution. The camera functionality is also top-notch, thanks to the wide angle lens and F1.4 aperture, which enable the capture of fine traffic details.

Additionally, the N4 Dash Cam has a real 4K front camera with audio, ensuring clear footage. With features like WDR+HDR+IR night vision, 24/7 parking mode, and a G-Sensor for emergency locking of video clips, the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam is a reliable and versatile choice for any driver.

Pros and Cons

Now let's discuss the pros and cons of the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam.

On the positive side, the dash cam offers a three-channel recording system with high-resolution videos and excellent night vision capabilities. Additionally, it comes with a 24/7 parking mode and a reliable G-sensor for emergency locking of video clips.

However, some potential drawbacks include reported issues with SD card errors and recording failures, as well as a lack of trust in the brand due to past camera problems.


I've found several pros of the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam that make it a clear and versatile choice for users. Here are the benefits based on customer feedback:

  1. Excellent video quality: Users have praised the N4 Dash Cam for its clear footage and ability to capture traffic details. The real 4K front camera with audio ensures high-resolution recordings.
  2. Enhanced visibility in dark conditions: The WDR+HDR+IR night vision feature allows for better visibility in low light or dark conditions. This ensures that important details aren't missed, even at night.
  3. 24/7 parking mode: The N4 Dash Cam offers a parking mode with motion and collision detection, providing continuous monitoring and protection for your vehicle even when it's parked. This can be especially helpful in case of accidents or theft.


One drawback of the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam that I've noticed is its limited storage capacity. The dash cam only supports up to a 512GB SD card. This may be insufficient for users who require longer recording times or want to store more footage.

Another con I experienced with the dash cam is SD card issues. I encountered errors with the SD card and experienced recording failures. This was frustrating as it affected the reliability of the dash cam.

Additionally, the customer support experience was not ideal. While the customer support was generally positive, I found it lacking in addressing the SD card issues. Their response didn't provide a satisfactory solution, leaving me feeling unsupported.

Performance Improvements

The performance improvements of the VANTRUE N4 dash cam include enhanced video quality and improved low-light visibility. With its upgraded video resolution, the N4 now records videos in 2K+ 2K+ 1080P 30FPS, capturing traffic details with exceptional clarity. This means that license plates and other important details are now more easily identifiable, providing valuable evidence in case of accidents or incidents.

Additionally, the N4 features WDR+HDR+IR night vision technology, which greatly improves its low-light performance. This allows the dash cam to capture clear footage even in dark conditions, ensuring that no important details are missed.

Whether it's day or night, the VANTRUE N4 delivers high-quality video recordings that you can rely on.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my experience with the VANTRUE N4 dash cam has been highly positive and I'm impressed with its clear video quality and versatile features. When comparing it to the N5 model, I found that the N4 offered similar video quality and performance at a more affordable price point.

Additionally, the N4 received high customer satisfaction levels, with users praising its reliable performance and ease of use. The dash cam's ability to capture clear footage, even in low light conditions, was particularly appreciated by customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Battery of the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam Last?

The battery life of the VANTRUE N4 dash cam is impressive in terms of durability. It lasts for a long time, ensuring continuous recording and reliable performance, even in extreme weather conditions.

Can the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam Be Used in Extreme Weather Conditions?

Yes, the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam is designed to perform well in extreme weather conditions. Its super capacitor ensures durability and reliability, making it a reliable choice for capturing clear footage in various weather conditions.

Does the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam Have Built-In Wi-Fi for Easy Video Transfer?

Yes, the VANTRUE N4 dash cam has built-in Wi-Fi for easy video transfer. It allows for efficient sharing of footage without the need for additional cables or SD card removal.

What Is the Maximum Capacity of the SD Card That the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam Supports?

The maximum SD card capacity supported by the Vantrue N4 Dash Cam is up to 512GB. The Vantrue N4 Dash Cam has a super capacitor for extreme weather usage and does not have built-in Wi-Fi or live viewing features.

Does the VANTRUE N4 Dash Cam Have a Built-In Display Screen for Live Viewing?

Yes, the Vantrue N4 dash cam has a built-in display screen for live viewing. It provides clear and versatile video resolution, including nighttime visibility with its WDR+HDR+IR night vision feature.

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