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Our Recommended Best Dash Cams Under £50 Is The IIWEY DC01 Dash Cam!

Kitvision Observer Dashcam 1080p Wi-Fi and GPS - Full HD Dashboard Car Camera/Dash Cam with 2.45 Inch Screen, 170° Ultra-Wide Angle, G Sensor Collision Detection, Motion Detect, Parking Mode - Black
  • Capture Every Journey: Rely on Auto-Start, the G-Sensor and built-in motion detection to provide backup should you need it. Use Wi-Fi to connect the dash cam to smartphone for image and video playback
  • Auto-Start and Motion Detection: The dash camera will begin recording when the vehicle starts and the motion-detection will trigger recording if someone bumps into your car whilst parked
  • Loop Record Functionality: Never waste space on your memory card, the in-car dash camera will record in a continuous loop, recording over unneeded footage unless a collision occurs
  • High Definition: Record in full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second and capture the whole road through a 170 Degrees ultra-wide angle lens and watch back on the 2.45 Inch LCD display
  • Day or Night: The Observer 1080p features WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology offering nice visibility in contrasting conditions which means enhanced HD recording day or night
OYU Front and Rear Dash Cam Includes SD Card Dual Dash Camera with Night Vision 1080P FHD Mini in Car Camera, Parking Monitor and 170° Wide Angle Driving Recorder with G-Sensor, Loop Recording, WDR
  • Independent R&D New Design - This dash cam is extremely lightweight and miniaturized. It can be perfectly hidden behind the rearview mirror. The appearance, texture, and keys are upgraded to make the product feel more comfortable; The operation is still simple and friendly to new users.
  • 1080P Full HD and Super Night Vision - 1080P Full HD recording and advanced sensors enable the dash camera to record in Full HD day and night. It is equipped with a 170°wide-angle, which can fully capture the scenery on the road.
  • 24/7 Worry-Free 24/7 Monitoring - Car recorder includes motion detection and parking monitoring. When a collision or shock is detected, the recording starts automatically, providing you with safety every moment.
  • LOOP RECORDING & g - These two functions can ensure that important video is effectively saved, the dashboard camera will overwrite the oldest video to ensure continuous recording; when vibration or collision is detected, the camera will lock the current video to prevent overwriting.
  • Easy to set up for anyone - detailed instructions and videos make the Dash Cam suitable for installation by anyone of any age. This product includes 1 year warranty and lifetime customer support, please consult us if you have any questions.
  • Real Angle Of View: 170.0 Degrees
ORSKEY Dash Cam Front and Rear 1080P Full HD Dual Dash Camera In Car Camera Dashboard Camera Dashcam for Cars 170 Wide Angle HDR with 3.0
  • Front and Rear Dual Recording Dash Cam: Full HD 1920X1080P at 30 fps video front camera with VGA waterproof rear cam. Simultaneously show front and back driving states, provide a safer daily driving environment.
  • Superior Night Vision Dash Cam: 6 unique infrared LED fill lights allows the dash cam to perform optimally in low light situations. WDR technology allows for the best night video.
  • 170° Wide Angle Dash Cam & 6G Lens : Combined with Sony sensor and 6 glass lens and 170 Degree wide angle lens allows COMS get more clear images. High-performance chipset which enables you to take up to 1080P 30fps full HD videos and 12MP pictures.
  • Intelligent Operation: G-sensor activated Emergency Recording automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects the recordings. Loop Recording allows continuous use by writing over old, unneeded footage. Note: Operation requires a micro SD Card (Support up to 32GB Card Not Included)
  • Easy Operation & Guarantee: Easily and securely mount to your windshield in seconds with the included suction cup. We also provide 12 months guarantee, with a qualified after-sale service team, 7 days/ 24 hours for serving you.

A Thorough Run Down of the Best Dash Cams Under £50

Dash cams have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years and millions of drivers all over the country now have one installed in their car. They are great for proving responsibility in the event of an accident, capturing road rage incidents, preventing insurance fraud, protecting your parked car; these are just a few of the benefits.

One of the things that many people seem to worry about is the cost of dash cams. However, as they have increased in popularity, they have also become much more affordable. You can get a perfectly good dash cam for under £50 these days.

However, there are also some models within this price range which are just not worth your time. In order to get a good dash cam within this budget, you will need to shop around. To help you with your research, here is our rundown of the best dash cams under £50.


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The IIWEY DC01 Dash Cam!

1. Toguard Dual Lens Dash Cam – The Best Choice

Features: 1080P Full HD Front Camera – 720P HD Rear Camera – 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens – 4 Inch LCD Screen – Wide Dynamic Range – Loop Recording – Parking Monitoring – 11 x 3 x 6 cm – 599g


  • The device has all of the features of a much more expensive dash cam.
  • Very little glare.
  • Good daytime and nighttime recording.
  • Easy to install.
  • Large 170 degree viewing angle.


  • The screen is a little small but this doesn’t compromise use.

The Review

The number 1 on our list of the best dash cams under £50 goes to this Toguard Dual Lens Dash Cam. Toguard is a well-known brand, when it comes to budget models and we have tested a few of them before and always been impressed, so we were happy to add this one to our list.

To start off with, the design of the camera is really nice. It looks and feels very durable and like it is a much more expensive model than it is. The only design flaw that we picked up on was that the screen is a little small at only 4 inches, but this definitely doesn’t compromise using the camera.

Installing the Toguard Dual Lens Dash Cam

Installing this dash cam was a relatively easy process. We found mounting the front camera very straight forward but the rear camera took a little more work. However, once we had both cameras mounted in place it only took us a matter of minutes to get everything up and running.

Crystal Clear Resolution in All Light Conditions

We are happy to report that the resolution is crystal clear during both daytime and nighttime recording and we had no issues reading number plates up close or far away. There is very little glare and one thing that we really liked was the 170 degree wide angle lens; we were able to see everything around our car.

We definitely feel that this is the best dash cam within this price range. It is well-designed, easy to use and has all of the features of a much more expensive model.

The full Toguard dashcam review here.

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The APEMAN Dual Lens Dash Cam C420D!

2. Apeman Front and Rear Dash Cam

Features: 1080P Full HD Front & Rear Camera – 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens – LCD Screen – Wide Dynamic Range – Loop Recording – Parking Monitoring – 458g


  • Very easy to mount to the windscreen.
  • Very high quality resolution on both the front and rear camera.
  • Nice compact design that doesn’t obstruct views.


  • The camera does struggle a little with nighttime recording.

The Review

Next on our list of the best dash cams under £50 is this dual lens model from Apeman. Again, this is another big brand in the budget range, so we were expecting good things and we were not disappointed.

The design of this dash cam is probably one of the best things about it. It has a really nice compact design that doesn’t obstruct any views in the slightest. Even though it is a more affordable model, it is built with really solid materials.

Installing the Apeman Front & Rear Dash Cam

Installing this dash cam was really easy thanks to the very clear instructions provided. We were able to easily mount it to the windscreen and the rear window with no issues at all and it didn’t take us very long to do either.

One thing that surprised us with this one was the resolution. With some budget models within this price range you will often find that they are lacking a little in terms of resolution.

Surprisingly Good Resolution

This really isn’t the case with this Apeman model. We were very impressed with the resolution of both cameras. The only drawback is that the rear camera does seem to struggle a little during nighttime recording which is a shame.

However, this is the only negative thing that we can possibly say about this model. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks with this one.

Check the full Apeman dashcam review here.

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The ORSKEY S800 Dash Cam!

3. Aukey DR01 Dash Cam

Features: 1080P Full HD Resolution – 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens – LCD Screen – Wide Dynamic Range – Loop Recording – 5.6 x 3 x 5.6 cm – 340g



  • Very easy to install with the suction mount or adhesive pad.
  • Extreme temperature operation makes it suitable for all climates.
  • Crystal clear resolution during daytime recording.
  • Nice sleek design.


  • Nighttime recording can be a little unclear.

The Review

The final entry on our list of the best dash cams under £50 is this model from Aukey. We have tested plenty of Aukey models in the past and always been very pleased with the results and it was the same with this budget model.

The DR01 – Sleek & Stylish

In terms of design, this one is very sleek indeed. It looks really nice and stylish and doesn’t appear bulky in the slightest. The installation process was incredibly easy. The camera is provided with both a suction mount and an adhesive pad; both of which are very easy to use.

One of the features that we really liked with this one is the extreme temperature operation. This means that you can use it in all climates. Some dash cams can become unreliable during very hot or very cold weather, so this was a very nice additional feature.

Grainy Nighttime Video Quality

The daytime resolution is crystal clear, but we did find that the nighttime recording struggled a little with clarity. Despite this, we still think that this is a very good model for the price and would definitely recommend it.

Hopefully now that you have read through our thoughts you will be able to choose the best dash cam under £50 for you. There are some great models on this list and we would absolutely recommend them all.

Follow this link if you want to read the detailed review on The Aukey DR01.

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